Electrician courses are generally required for those just starting their career. Journeyman electricians and master electricians are also generally required to take continuing education courses. Since these are a requirement, you’ll have to find and enroll in these courses in order to become, and continue to be an electrician. Many community colleges offer these programs and there are several trade schools around the country who also offer classroom training for electricians.

Make sure that you check with the licensing board in your area to be sure that the electrician courses you plan to take will be accepted. States and local jurisdictions determine which institutions curriculum meets the requirements they have approved. Be sure to take the time up front to be absolutely sure that your courses are approved so that you don’t find out after a year or more that you need to start over.

For those just starting your career, these courses are typically taken while you work with a licensed electrician. This is one of the great benefits to a career as an electrician, you get to earn while you learn. This actually makes the learning process even better because you get real world experience with classroom education.

Electrician courses cover things like electrical theory, the National Electrical Code, safety requirements and other important information to help keep you and others safe when working as an electrician. Paying attention is important, not just for safety reasons, but because you will be tested on what you learn. In order to receive your journeyman or master electrician license you will have to pass an exam.

Once you become a journeyman or master electrician the education doesn’t stop there. States and local jurisdictions also require continuing education. This is to be sure that you stay up to date on safety regulations, advancements in the industry and changes to electrical codes.

Licensing boards are serious about safety and electricity has its risks. By requiring classroom and on the job training they help to ensure that a certain level of professionalism, safety and standards are consistently met.

Electricians contribute a lot to our society. Without them we would still be in the dark ages, we wouldn’t have computers, cell phones or modern refrigerators. As an electrician you can be proud of the fact that you keep our world moving and are a critical part of how we live today.