Have you ever tried Emu Oil as a skin care? If not, that is okay. In this barrel I will go over why I think it is one of the best options out there for skin care and why one should consider changing there current skin care over to emu oil based products instead of the main commercial brands.

Emu Oil Skin Care

( Image Above - Shows the Emuse - Natural Emu Oil Skin Care Line )

Why Emu Oil Based Skin Care is a Better Option?

Emu Oil based Skin Care is much better for a number of reasons, firstly emu oil is one of the most healing oil's on the planet, secondly it contains large amounts of omega vitamins, thridly it penetrates deeply allowing deeper healing than other products, fourthly it is naturally anti inflammatory meaning it reduces wrinkles, fine lines, arthritis and other skin and body inflammatory issues.

There are so many reasons, another is emu oil naturally is anti bacterial meaning it kills bad bugs on the skin, it naturally moisturises any skin type, naturally reduces pimples, acne, increases scar healing, skin rash reduction just a name a few more.

Basically said emu oil an all round skin healer so adding to a skin care product is excellent in many ways.

Where Does Emu Oil Come From?

Emu Oil comes from Australia from the native animal the Emu. The oil itself has been widely known and used by the australian aborigines for thousands of years until finally now it is going mainstream for its many benefits.

Why One should Change Skin Care?

There are many reasons to change skin care brands an many I have said above, however it is also good to auknowledge that most skin care products out there are hyped up by marketing. They claim many things but do not deliver based on what is in the skin care.

As a side note, next time you look at a skin care product, look at what is in it..? Look at the base ingredients, what in is actually good for the skin, is it just a moisturising agent or is this going to benefit me.. If not, then consider changing to a better product.