Having an extra storage space around the house is always a welcome change to have. Let's face it: we cannot have too much storage space. If you can stock up on something, you would. The enclosed canopies are traditionally used to cover boats and land vehicles as well. This is an ideal option if you do not have a garage or enough space in the garage.  The portable car canopy comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes that will definitely appeal to your needs. Let's discover some of the functions that you can do with them.

Garden tool shed

Enclosed canopies, especially the small ones, can be used to hide your gardening tools. A dedicated shed for garden tools minimizes the risks of losing items all the time, or mixing up different tools, causing delays in doing garden or yard work. The car canopy that is enclosed allows you to have a nice, covered area to keep all your items in. you can also place your vehicle inside the car tent and then have your toolbox also placed in there. If the canopy tent is big enough, you will have enough moving space to do your repairs as if you are in your own garage. This is the more traditional use of these structures.

Keep firewood inside

A lot of people like to do some barbecue or grilling in open flames but keeping the wood accessible can be a problem. Waterproof enclosed canopies can be used to hide all your firewood, charcoal and wood chips safely so that you can easily go to the canopy tent to get your items. The portable car tent is definitely a versatile tool. It is all about being creative. You have to find the best options and you will definitely be on your way to a more organized and functional yard.

Humanitarian Crises

Apart from what is discussed above, if one looks at the fact of having more than 35 million refugees present worldwide are in need of shelters like a canopy shelter or an enclosed canopy.  For them, shelters are everything, hence shelters in such cases should be of high quality so that it provides the occupants with the feel of a real home atmosphere. A temporary shelter will suit them, if they are made in a way that meets the basic quality and one that can be easily managed.  Enclosed Canopies are preferred over any setup that can be built nowadays.  For these unfortunate people who are already suffering, a temporary shelter will offer the much needed safety and comfort.