In today’s Internet you need a video marketing strategy. Before video sites such as YouTube came online, it was difficult for a business to make money online. You needed a website and that took up a lot of your time. In those early days videos just didn’t exist, it was a sea of text and hard to navigate. You spend a lot of money on marketing efforts trying to get traffic to your website and these costs added up. Many businesses simply didn’t go online because those costs were too high. Once YouTube began operating it was a new game and marketing online became a very easy process with little to no startup costs. Using SEO with video & YouTube online, gives you a powerful tool for getting traffic for your business.

Why YouTube Matters to Marketers

Think of how hard it is to get traffic to your website. You work countless hours and still the traffic numbers aren’t there. YouTube is one of the top sites online with millions upon millions of visitors each day and the number keep growing. Making videos is like a funnel of traffic to your website and your business. When you use video you are tapping into an endless stream of customers because online video is a very large part of the modern Internet. Text and images still matter, but often the top searches result in video hits and not blogs or articles. As a marketer you have the potential with your videos to gain more traffic to your business than ever before.


Low to No Cost

With videos you have very low costs or no costs at all. All you need to do is create a decent video. You may need to buy a nice video recorder or some lights but once you pay for this your costs are about zero unless you’re paying someone to do the videos for you. Often it’s just as easy to do them yourself because the tools to make videos are very easy to use. When you launch advertising campaigns that have no video you end up paying tons of money in the process. If you pay for keywords or advertisement placements these costs can skyrocket easily and hurt your bottom line.

 Once you have a video made you really don’t have to market it much because search engines such as Goggle just love videos. This is because Google owns YouTube and it showcases videos in the searches. Type any word into a search engine and you are sure to see a video come up. You will need some marketing but in reality it isn’t much as compared to regular advertising methods.

Traffic Stream and Social Media

Videos have a way of spreading fast on the Internet due to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. As a marketer you can take advantage of this with your videos. When a video is a hit, it goes “viral” and spreads to hundreds, thousands or more potential customers rapidly. This is a goldmine of opportunity for you and whatever business you are in.

Great Opportunity for Marketers

In addition to the regular traffic that YouTube and Google gets to videos you have the potential for even more traffic via the spread of your video through social media sites. Video marketing gets you noticed faster than any other form of marketing because it just reaches more people in less time. Often the video is just a simple message but it’s powerful because of how quickly videos can spread. If you can create compelling videos about your business or product you can reach your customers. Now with mobile devices uses more video, the potential for even more business is growing. A video marketing strategy is ideal to get the business you need.