Rolex. I don't think two syllables could evoke more luxury than Ro-lex rolling off your tongue. Pictures of yachts, fast cars, and a life of luxury appear in your head and while a lot of that is due to the power or marketing, Rolex remains the quintessential Swiss watch brand. Even with the likes of Panerai, Audemars Piguet, and Omega trying to knock them off their perch, Rolex maintains its status as the "go-to" watch in anyone's collection. While Rolex only produces a few lines, they make multiple variations of that same line with different and more exotic materials used in construction, chronographs, and diamonds.

So why should everyone whose been successful have a Rolex?

Because its signifies you've made it enough that you want to reward yourself and aren't afraid to show a little bit of that success. I don't think there is anything wrong with that - you've earned the right to wear that watch and you shouldn't be afraid.

The Rolex sends a message to anyone who sees it and recognizes the brand and instantly, you are associated with the brand. Think about that for a second. For someone unfamiliar with that version of the watch or Rolex all together, the watch is flashy but within its limits to evoke power. For someone who knows exactly what they're looking at, instant respect is given because for someone who appreciates watches, its always great to see it on someone and outside the store.

If you're in business, trust me, people notice your Rolex. They may not notice your Jaeger-LeCoultre or Blancpain as some of the best watches you can buy, but they'll certainly recognize that Rolex Presidential on your wrist. If you're dating, your watch is like her bag and she while she may not know the difference between a Panerai and an Audemars Piguet, she'll know exactly what that Rolex Oyster Perpetual is on your wrist.

The point is, the Rolex attracts attention, if only in the slightest bit, to you. That attention could be wanted or wanted and that's out of the control of this article. However, with that attention, its your responsibility to do a couple things - Don't talk about your watch unless asked and don't talk about someone else's much more inferior watch to talk about your Rolex. The last thing people want and what you want to be known for is being "the guy with the Rolex." You want to simply be known as The Guy.

Wearing a Rolex watch communicates to people that you've tasted success. A Rolex is not just a mere timepiece - The Rolex watch is a statement about your way of life.

Its been said that you can buy any Rolex today, wear it for a few years, and get back almost what you originally paid for it.

So go ahead and get a Rolex - you've earned it.