The new Apple iPhone is the most advanced phone of the recent times. Apple has researched each need of cell phone and every desire of the customers and created a phone, which has everything customers can ever wish for. Apple iPhone has crossed all boundaries followed by the other cell phones that are being marketed now. It offers the user access to advanced technology for the best in accessories, service and functioning. Customers who are on the look out for a new cell phone get all they want in the Apple iPhone. Given below are some distinct Apple iPhone features that sets it apart from the run o’ the mill new age phones –

Smart Interaction – Apple's Multi-Touch software does away with the redundant stylus actions.

Smart design – The iPhone sure looks great but just like every other Apple product, the iPhone adheres to the design philosophy that ensures the gadgets are just not about looks. All its distinctive features are elegantly comprised in a thin (11.6 mm) metallic case, thus making the hardware and software work perfectly in harmony.

Smart heart – Apple iPhone runs on Mac OS X. Although it is tough to figure out from the Keynote if it is a full-strength or cut-down version, it still promises the same stability, elegance and intelligence you would enjoy on your MacBook Pro.

Smart sensors – With 3 built-in sensors, the Apple iPhone is sensitive to its operations. It has ambient light sensors, an accelerometer that automatically changes from portrait to landscape mode and back and a proximity sensor make this the most sought after device in the market.

Smart emailing – True Blackberry-like "push" email and Rich HTML email make all other new age phones look ancient. The Apple iPhone is fun to use for email. With the strength of the Safari software you truly have the internet in your pocket!

Smart headphones – Many music phones are not very successful compared to the iPod, as they are compatible only with the special ‘manufacturer headphones’ that are so often either left at home or at work. However, phone manufacturers cash in on the special headphones, as the replacements bring about a high source of high-profit incremental revenue.

Smart voicemail – If you are one of those who have always wished to listen to the sixth voicemail instead listening to the five prior ones, Apple iPhone is just the answer. With the new Apple iPhone you can choose the messages you would like to listen to, instead of waiting for the previous ones to be displayed.

Smart speaker – Apple iPhone comes with a built-in speaker that can be used even in times when you cannot wear your headphones.

Smart integration – Smart business owners today prefer synchronizing various applications to make things less strenuous to handle. You can sync your phones with the Mac through third-party software and conduits. This would enable you to bring about a perfect menage of seamless integration of important contacts and all the needed information.