I received my formal education in a small school system in the 50's and 60's. I was in the same school from second grade until I graduated in 1969. We had a graduating class of 42 students. We had very few amenities. Our chemistry lab was state of the art in 1935. The football uniforms were second-hand from a nearby school which unfortunately did not match our school colors. The players wore orange and blue and the cheerleaders wore maroon and white. Despite these minor deficiencies we managed to get an excellent education.

Due to the times, bad judgement, and a low number in the draft lottery (91 and they were taking up to 200 that year),  I decided to join the Army instead of going on to higher education. I have at times regretted that and have also been grateful for not wasting the time and money. I have never had to pay off any student loans but I believe I may have missed out on a certain amount of youthful debauchery.

I managed to get some electronics training in the military and was able to parley that into a forty-year career in engineering. I retired from a very large company as a Test Engineer. Throughout my career I was involved with many people with long lists of degrees, some were brilliant and some were duds. I believe and, I think that the results support my biased opinion, that I fell somewhere in the middle with regards to overall knowledge.

The point that I am trying to make is that the specifics of any education are essentially irrelevant. Everything we think we know is wrong. At one point in history someone said "We have now figured it out. This is definitely the way things are. This was said about any concept you might think of. "The atom is the smallest particle, The universe is contracting, Nothing can exceed the speed of light." All of these statements are false even though they were once held up as absolute truth. It would seem that somehow the collective egotism of each generation needs to believe that they have finally ascertained "the truth". There is no such thing as "the truth"  and once that is accepted real enlightenment can begin.

We live in a universe that we will never be capable of fully understanding. Our viewpoint has been established from a limited set of senses that perceives the universe based on those senses and equipment that expands the spectrum of those senses. We at first had only the naked eye, then we added the telescope then other devices that extended our range. I am sure that we will continue to add to this expanded range. The problem is that we are limited to an imagination that is based on our physical nature. To some extent we will never know what we don't know. This is not an indictment of the scientific community in any way. We have made tremendous advances in my lifetime. it would seem that our rate of increase is exponential not linear, that the more we learn the faster technology advances. 

These advances are great for society and hopefully we can make positive use of all this new-found technology. I believe that we are at a point that we can house feed and clothe the entire population of the planet. We need to learn to distribute the fruits of these advances to all humankind, if we don't do a better job of that we will continue to generate anger in the people who are on the short end of the stick. This anger is a natural reaction to the fears that stem from not being able to meet the basic needs for survival. This anger is then manipulated by others to satisfy personal greed, and then used to create territorial resentments that generate major conflicts. We call these wars.  

Now that I have completely oversimplified all the worlds problems, and humankinds basic dilemma you may want to go back to school.