Studies show that just because you are cycling away on your bike, the chances of it actually having an impact on your health is under 12.9%. Sales people are having a jolly good laugh at our expense, as over 60% of the population have invested in the hoax gym bike.

Fortunately you have stumbled upon this article and you will now learn the truth of the exercise bikes.

Exercise bicycles don't work.

1: If they did, they wouldn't be able to sell you other junk like Diet pills

If exercise bikes were truly miracle workers, there would no longer be a need to buy diet pills and diet plans. In fact, the whole industry would collapse faster than you can finish reading this sentence.

2: Riding it whilst watching Television Doesn't Count.

Did you know that the brain has to send signals to the rest of your body that you're tired, in order for it to burn more fat? By watching television, you are severely reducing your weight loss plan because you are enjoying a movie. Your brain will forget the pain your body is in and forget to tell the fat cells to burn.
Riding whilst reading also counts. Your brain is unable to multi task when it comes to mental and physical activities. It will simply allow you to torture yourself without giving you any reward.


3: Your exercise bike is only 10 steps away from the kitchen.

That's right. Over 90% of you now will be nodding in agreement. For the 10% of you shaking your heads, you must be kind of rich to own such a big apartment in which case, why are you losing weight anyway?

4: Sucking fat out is faster than 1,000,000,000 pedals

It is also less effort. Not to mention you'll be giving some surgeons some much needed practise, and saving a few test-walrus's in the process.

kids bike
Kids are being brainwashed into thinking this is normal. That, or this kid is having a chuckle at your expense.

5: They are designed to lower your self esteem

Many times people get off the bike and whine about how few calories they have burnt. The machines are lying. It's a fake number to make you feel even worse after a hard long workout, then causes you to run off to buy bigger and better and more expensive bikes.

6: You don't actually loose weight.

If I pedalled my guts out for 3 hours, I would not have lost any weight at all. In fact, my body would just be screaming at me for putting it through so much pain and torture. Sure, maybe in a few hours I discover I have lost a handful of fat cells. On the other hand, I would've killed a couple thousand brain cells at the same time.

[Note that all studies within this Article are not real and are made up by me. Click here if you plan on telling me off. Should you own an exercise bike, or plan to own one, they most certainly do work and you should not be discouraged by this article. I claim no responsibility for the results of this article unless I get a cool bike like that kid has.]