Why Facebook Ads Don't Work

I have run several campaigns with Google Adwords and Facebook Ads for a couple of completely different websites. My personal experience is that Facebook Ads are way cheaper to use than Googles Adword Ads. However there are two major problems concerning Facebook Ads:

1. People don't visit FB to buy stuff.

2. There is a lower click-to-rate.

The pros of opting for a Facebook campaign are that one can pinpoint his prefered public by altering categories like age, interests, sex, etc. The downside of this is that some categories of interests and some age groups are under or over represented on Facebook.

Facebook ads are cheaper per click and can be noticed (impressions) by many people. Sadly, the clicks on your ads rarely convert into sales on your website or blog.

Google Adwords Ads are quite expensive when there are compititors in the same field. You basically are forced or at least encouraged by Google to set a higher click per rate budget for your keywords. I have learned that you will quickly burn out of cash if you increase your click per rate to a competitive level. Instead of getting a first page ranking with your ad, you can save tons of money by broading your keyword list. So broaden your keyword list and set the maximum click per rate fee at 5 to 10 cents a click.

By including a large group of keywords in your campaign you will be able to analyze which words have the highest conversion rate on clicks and sales. You can preferably alter your click to rate budget per keyword at a later time to optimalize your campaign!

So Adwords campaigns can have enough impressions and hits while they run quite cheaply.

My latest, still running campaign, generates about 25 to 40 dollars a day. I spend approximately 3-6 dollars a day on Adwords (with high competition on many keywords) and I have picked a dazzling 550 keywords!

Good luck and be inspired!