Facebook deleted the comment button, instead of the comment button there is a small text saying 'hit enter to comment'. A little introduction please:

Facebook is a social networking site which enables you to find friends and share thoughts, pictures and the things you are doing. Currently it is one of the biggest sites in the world, and this is only a small explanation.

So you can comment on other people their status updates or pictures. There was always a button saying 'comment', but recently Facebook decided it was enough with this button. But why?

To find the answer we need to go back to the launch of 'Facebook-mail', the email client of Facebook. At the launch Mark Zuckerberg (the founder/CEO of Facebook) explained a little how he went to a high school and asked a couple of kids how they communicate nowadays. They didn't write letters/post cards. They didn't call each other on their cellphones. They didn't even email. They text-messaged. Instant, quick and short. Young people want to be quick, short and instant. Zuckerberg used this knowledge and launched Facebook mail, where people can send emails through a chat-kinda mail client.

Back to the comment button, what does this intro has to do with the button? Everything.

Instead of clicking the button you have to press enter now. That means actual spaces between chunks of text are gone (not entirely: you can still use shift+enter to create a space between text). Facebook just deleted the possibility to make a big piece of text, you have to be short!

This results in quicker comments and replies. Which results again in shorter texts, more instant, because people will react faster. Exactly what Facebook is trying to reach to get at the point where the world is heading if they look at high school students!

So this small change, this small tweak in their platform has a pretty big impact on their goal: being a world leader when it comes to interacting with others online. This small tweak enables users to be faster and more instant: exactly where Facebook wants to go. Such a small change and such an impact, it probably resembles the beauty of the internet, right?