Facebook Owns Your Life Online

A pig always finds it great that it doesn’t have to pay to live in the barn and is thankful for the free food it gets. The same is the relationship between you and Facebook.com. If you are not paying for it, you are not the customer. You are the product being sold. Facebook owns you!


The Privacy settings:

Logging on Facebook for the first time and designing your profile for your friends to see, adding up pictures from the foreign holiday to the prom party or posting status on daily or should I say hourly basis. That’s what we all do, and the ‘likes’ we get is the best part of our day but do we bother to read the long, ‘hard to read’ service terms before even opening up our personal details on actually a social network that is let’s be honest rather a public place? Definitely not! After all, who reads those anyway?

For your kind knowledge, when you post your content on Facebook, you have the license to share it in accordance with your privacy settings and unless these are ‘customized to me only’,someone else can see it and if someone can see it then it’s a matter of common sense that he can surely copy it and make use of it as well. I am sure you did not know that your name and profile picture do not have privacy terms, they are the property of Facebook.com.


The Advertising Strategy:

If we give a closer look to the Facebook theme, we might get a thought that what on earth are ads doing on a site made with the core idea to help people communicate and share. Here Facebook’s ad plan comes to play its part. Facebook.com is mining the information of its users to customize the ads. Moreover, these ads are aimed towards people most likely to buy the product and good for Facebook, the idea is really working! Facebook is taking part in the Stock Market, a company that had a revenue of 777 million dollars in 2009 jumped to 104 billion dollars this year. All thanks to its one billion users.


The Story of FDC complaint:

A year back, the news headlines were studded with the FDC complaint against Fcaebook.com but all we were doing was updating our status with our everyday experiences. Federal Trade Commission alleged that Facebook misled its users by exposing their potentially sensitive details to software developers and advertisers without their legal consent. The co-founder MarkZuckerberg did comment that they had made a bunch of mistakes. Settlement took place when Facebook agreed to improve the privacy practices and submit the audits for every other year for next 20 years,


The Present Situation:

With that case settled and privacy settings improved, the first thought to get away with this situation is ‘Facebook knows what it’s doing’ or the other will be that we have ‘nothing to hide’. These are not valid arguments. Your information is still exposed to public by default and to avoid this you need to opt-out and for hiding the information you need to understand the granular settings and that is something many of us will forget in our routine to post stuff based on previous settings.  It is a fact that even if you are doing nothing suspicious, these social sites are being monitored by agencies worldwide like our phones and every other corner of internet.


Let’s face the fact that Facebook owns you, both metaphorically and literally. Metaphorically in the sense that you can’t even go to the toilet without first uploading a status and literally in the sense that, well, hello, it owns all your personal data! And not just own you;  it is selling you as well! Poor you, you don’t even realize it yet..