Sure, fad diets can definitely be attractive, boosting success stories and promising you weight loss quicker than any other form of nutritional structure...but the question is do they really work? And if they do work, are they the best option? These two questions posed a huge task for me to answer them; but I like challenges, so I got right down to work! I will be researching the two most popular fad diets known to me: The Bernstein Diet, and The South Beach Diet. To answer the two questions posed above, we first have to figure out exactly how these diets work.

I went and attended a consultation with a representative from each of these two diets, and generally found out one thing: these diets basically instruct you to eat certain foods and food groups, while avoiding others. They cut your caloric intake by a large amount, and through that you will lose a lot of WEIGHT...notice that I said WEIGHT not FAT. You usually end up losing weight so fast because a good portion of it is muscle; since muscle is much denser than fat, the scale and inches never fail to decrease quickly.

So do these diets actually work? Of course they do! If you follow their exact direction as to what to eat, and when to eat you will undoubtedly lose weight really fast. Most fad diet companies even offer you a money back guarantee if you don't see the results that you have expected, and will gladly refund your money if you want it back. Don't get too excited about trying one of these diets just yet simply because the answer to the question was yes...wait until you have read the rest of the article.

The more extensive question is whether or not they are the best option. The answer to this question is no, they are actually one of the worst option...for long term weight loss that is. If you want to lose 10 pounds before your wedding pictures next week then these two diets are a gold mine for you however, if you want to lose weight and keep it off permanently, you should definitely stray away from these. Firstly, your base metabolism is determined greatly by muscle mass, so these diets eating away at you muscles through severe caloric cuts are not helpful. Secondly, those diets are developed optimally for people of an "average" weight. So if the average weight for the diet that they have developed is 230 pounds, and let's say you weigh 203 pounds, you will not achieve optimal nutrition for weight loss through the diet that they have developed. Thirdly, you have to stick to the same nutrition regimen for the same length of time that you would like to keep the weight that you have lost off of your body.

Your probably asking yourself "what is a better option then?". The truth of the matter is that the better option is your own brain full of nutritional knowledge. Imagine that you ventured through this website, books, and magazines acquiring knowledge about nutrition. You would then possess the skills to develop a diet geared towards nutritional weight loss that was created optimally for you weight, and would allow you to maintain your muscle on top of that! Now imagine that you are bored of that nutritional plan, you would have the skills to change it up and successfully keep losing weight. And finally imagine that you have lost all of your undesired weight and met your goal; you could develop a new nutrition plan to maintain the weight loss.

I am sure that by reading this you fully understand the underlying goals of fad diets; furthermore, I'm sure that you understand the better option to lose weight. There are a countless amount of benefits to acquiring the skills and knowledge yourself as opposed to relying on other peoples knowledge to achieve your weight loss goals...learn the information, and it will be forever yours!