Is Fame So Great?

Whether you picture yourself headlining Glastonbury, playing to millions of people on television or having a number one hit, the chances are you're hoping your music makes you famous in some way. Whether you look up to U2 or Rihanna, Coldplay or Beyonce, you might well see fame as your route to musical success, but you might want to think again, fame comes with many drawbacks, and loads of people make a good living out of music without the pressure of the limelight. In this article I'm looking at the reasons fame might not be what it's made out to be.


With great power comes great responsibility, and make no mistake, after you've had a hit single or album, people are going to expect a lot from you. Your fans will want you to replicate it live on a 200 date tour around the world (and so will your management), and after that phenomenal album you put out, they'll be expecting another, and then another, and then another... Being in the limelight constantly puts a lot of pressure on you, physically and mentally. Fame has seen many people buckle under this pressure, so make sure you think you're cut out for all of the above before signing up.

A Lack of Privacy

If you're a family man or woman, or you value the option to go out and have a quiet drink now and then, know that you will probably be sacrificing all privacy if you become famous. Celebrities really struggle to keep themselves and their families out of the tabloids, and are under constant scrutiny from the media, not to mention fans, who you'll have to stay nice to as well, so no getting frustrated and snapping at a kid asking for an autograph.


When you're a celebrity, everyone wants a piece of you, and people will be out to scam you. They might be thinking up a scheme to get their hands on your money or to latch on to your fame. Imagine meeting people knowing that there was a chance of them being completely disingenuous, it would make dating or even just general socialising an almost impossible task and a minefield full of potential slip ups.

Fame has its plus points as well, as you probably know. Who am I to tell you it's not for you? However, it is worthwhile noting the pitfalls before you go in search of fame and fortune.