Tory Burch riding boots are an essential item for every fashionable woman to have in her wardrobe. It really does not matter if you have not ridden a horse before or ever intend to, its all about the look and style. Many women wear Tory Burch riding boots as a fashion statement and are the perfect complement to outfits in the winter.

Shoes are an important accessory for any woman who likes to dress fashionably. Tory Burch realized this when she began her own fashion label in 2004. Not only was her line a success but Oprah Winfrey gave her an endorsement in 2005 on her television show. This fashion designer has also won many fashion awards and has twenty-six stores in the US. In addition, Nieman Marcus, Bloomingdales and Saks Fifth Ave all carry her fashion line.

Tory Burch riding boots is a piece of footwear that will be fashionable to wear almost every cold season. Not only is the boot stylish but it offers functionality and comfort at the same time. Tory Burch riding boots work well with skirts and looks quite impressive with a pair of skinny jeans. Crafted from quality leather which makes these boots durable and it features her signature logo with a buckle at the ankle. The rounded toe provides comfort and the boot has an inside zipper with a loop for an easy way to take them on or off.

The Tory Burch riding boots offers an amazing choice of styles and colors. Some boots have plaid to give them the casual look, others boots have fabric to give it the English country look, or you can just go with the classic black leather riding boot. Your only difficulty will be deciding which pair to buy.

When you buy Tory Burch riding boots you should follow the recommended shoe care guide. The sales person may suggest treating the boot with "Meltonian" before your first wear. This will polish the leather and help keep the color as well.

If your Troy Burch riding boots have salt stains, remove them by dabbing a water and white vinegar solution of equal part. Wipe with a clean towel or rag and allow to air dry. Water and baking soda is the best way to remove any scuff marks. Using a damp cloth dip it in baking soda and gently rub the scuff marks to clean it off. Thereafter wipe with a clean damp cloth and buff dry. Be sure to store your Tory Burch riding boots in a cool dry place away from any heat source. Heat will dry out the leather and cause it to crack.tory-burch-riding-boots

Women who purchased the Tory Burch riding boots gave it some great reviews. Many said the quality was great and so was the comfort. The circumference was comfortable for most women even those who said they had large calves.

The Tory Burch riding boots range from over two hundred dollars to five hundred dollars in price. The next time you out shopping buy a pair of Tory Burch riding boots to complement your entire wardrobe.