Why Fat and Ugly People Are Good for Business

When you live in the modern world obsessed with looks rather than personality, the words fat and ugly will be familiar. A lot of celebrity crazed watchers feel they know what it means to be fashionable and beautiful. These same miss-guided fashionistas are the ones who feel they know what is in and what is out. They are the ones who can’t afford real designer wears and will rather buy fake or imitation goods on eBay just because they wantugly fat people good for business to look beautiful. When it comes to being fat and ugly, a lot of people will say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That is of course a load of nonsense because when you are beautiful; there will be a universal consensus. When you are fat and ugly, there is also a universal rule to which most people adhere to.

What does it mean to be ugly and fat? If you are bordering anorexia, anything with a bit of flesh on it will be repulsive to you. When it comes to being ugly and fat, there are many ways of approaching the correct definition. Ugly and fat people are those who have the misfortune of having their retarded ugly parents come together to procreate and populate the world with more ugly people (that is sad but nevertheless very true). It is not your fault! There are also those whose mother got wasted before, during and after pregnancy. This resulted in giving you a head that only a mother could love (when stoned). It is not your fault! There are still those who have an average face but are determined to ruin what is left of it by going on a fried chicken, diet coke feeding frenzy. It is not your fault, blame KFC and Soda makers.

What about those who think Botox is a moisturizer? These mentally deranged individuals often have a constant surprise look on their face like a love-stoned teenager. Joan Rivers and many celebrities are into this addicting substance abuse. What about when you undergo plastic surgery and the surgeon pulls your but over your face to make it look smoother? You come out looking like Jocelyn Wildenstein! Don’t be surprise people call you an ACE hole!

There are also those who are ugly but in a different way.  Remember when Mel Gibson went into a melt down and lost the plot. What about Amy Winehouse when she threw away her talent and wallowed in self-pity and drugs to her ultimate demise. What about Michael Jackson going from cute to a strange looking moonwalking figure? Remember Hitler and his cohorts and how they brought a reign of terror and destruction. How ugly can that be! The list is just too long to go through.

The Medicated Solutionfat and ugly people good for business

When you are fat and ugly, part of the problem is in your mind. Some people will say that fat and ugly people should have plastic surgery and get over their eating problems. That is a medicated solution because so many have died in the process. It doesn’t even have to be a dark alley surgeon offering his service for cheap. There are times when things can wrong and you end up fat, ugly and dead. There are those who blame the world of junk food for feeding the fat and ugly generation. You can’t blame people for eating a tasty steak with fries and an extra large fizzy drink to wash it down. You know that is the ultimate in gastronomic cuisine. The likes of Jamie Oliver and Michelle Obama have been trying to get people to lead a healthier lifestyle but they are not succeeding. If you can make Brussels sprouts (don’t know what that is?) taste like a Double Whopper with triple cheese and flamed barbecue sauce, you will be in line for a Noble Prize. That will never happen because healthy food taste disgusting and that is a fact.

What about dealing with people with ugly behavior? Once upon a time, you have to be a good singer with talent to make it in the world of show business. You have to be an artist to become a famous TV star. In today’s world, all you have to do is shed your clothes and be outrageously untalented to become a celebrity. You don’t even have to know how to sing to become a multi-platinum selling artist. You can also have sex with your neighbor’s husband or wife and post it on the internet and become the next big thing (are you beginning to get the picture?). Think about the likes of Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Katie Price, Kelly Brooks, etc. Some will call them talentless ugly bimbos but they make more money than you will ever make in your entire miserable life time. You might reason that money isn’t everything until you have to pay your bills.

Another problem with this situation is that it can be difficult to have so much money and only be allowed to eat vegetables. That doesn’t make sense! Think about Oprah Winfrey and Kirstie Alley, with so much cash to spend on force feeding and having to go on a diet. It is like offering Weight Watchers discount coupon in Ethiopia! That is just unethical.

Why Ugly Fat People Are Good for Business

Think about this for a moment if you could. There is a huge beauty industry out there raking in billions annually because  the world is apparently filled with ugly earthlings. The truth is, you don’t need to be the next top model to feel ugly. Why do you think those so called super models have issues and take to substance abuse and plastic surgery? Why do you think they all seem to enjoy their vacation at some exotic “rehab” destination? Because being ugly and fat is good for business.

How many fat and ugly newsreaders have you seen on your local TV channel? You need to take a visit to your local specs savers if you’ve ever seen one. That said, there are many who have had tummy tuck, liposuction and other enhancement done. Because looking good even when you are ugly is good for business. By the way, the only time you see ugly and fat people on your television screen is when they are paraded to entertain the rest of the half-wit, sofa loving population. These programs are called “reality TV”. There are times some fat and ugly people win awards and enter the Guinness Books of Records. You can imagine that it will not be for their intellectual prowess. The title will read something like this “The Ugliest and Fastest Man and Woman on Earth”. The victims would be given a piece of paper –to hang on their walls- signed by an idiot living the good life in his comfortable office.

When you know you are fat an ugly, what do you do? You try to go on a weight loss program or join your local gym. The makers of Weight Watchers and weight lifting equipments are not out to help you. They want your money and you will gladly give it away because you want to be beautiful. They will laugh at you because they know that the weight you’ve shifted will come right back at you. That is because you will go back and spend more money eating your carrots with mayonnaise and fries. This is good for business as long as you keep at it.

Plus size fashion is another con. You are fat, obese, sexy and beautiful. That sentence just sounds wrong! There is nothing wrong with fat people but the truth is, most fat men and women would love to be slimmer. The fashion industry wants your money because you are good for business. They will charge you more for the same clothes and they will lie to you, telling you how beautiful you are. What does that say, it is all in the mind.

Some UK guy came up with another fantastic idea of creating a dating site for fate and ugly people. What happened after that? Well, a lot up fat people rushed there to help this entrepreneur make money. It is a give and take scenario and there is nothing like a free lunch.

Did you know some people make smutty movies about fat and ugly people? Did you know some people log on to pay-view channels to watch fat and obese people eat themselves to death? Did you know that there are specialist clinics for those who are morbidly obese? Did you know that some medical doctor graduated studying why people get fat (it is not through breathing just in case you are wondering)?

Being fat is not your fault; being ugly is not your fault but it doesn’t matter because they are both good for business.