Flossing your teeth is important part of oral hygiene and yet there are still some people who refuse to take the extra time to thoroughly clean their teeth. Why is this? Maybe they don’t know why flossing their teeth is important. Maybe they think brushing is enough to keep their mouth and teeth clean. There are several reasons why teeth flossing is an important part of your daily routine of cleanliness.

Flossing Your TeethCredit: Maria Kaloudi

Reduce Bacteria

Our mouth is a bacteria playground. Bacteria love to stick around because you are constantly feeding it with the food you eat. Over time, if you leave food behind that you didn’t get when brushing, the bacteria will feed off the leftovers. As you get more and more bacteria buildup you stand to get cavities from the acid produced by these bacteria. You will want to floss your teeth regularly to decrease the number of bacteria that call your mouth home.

Keep your Teeth

If food particles and bacteria are left to fester in your mouth over time, you will have tartar. Tartar is plaque that has hardened and can only be removed by your dentist. If tartar isn’t removed on a regular basis, you may end up with gingivitis or gum disease, which then leads to periodontal disease if not treated properly. Once periodontal disease gets a hold of your mouth, you will have issues with bone loss, loose teeth and eventually your teeth may fall out. If you are planning to keep your teeth, you will probably want to make flossing your teeth a part of your routine when you brush.

Have Fresh Breath

Every time you eat something there is a bit leftover that gets stuck between your teeth. If you don’t clean out these areas often by flossing, they tend to stay there and rot over time. This rotting environment creates a bad smell which gives you bad breath. Chewing gum and popping tictacs or breath mints only cover up bad breath for a limited time. Tooth decay is also pretty smelly. If you’re not flossing, then most likely there is decay around the tooth. Flossing your teeth will get rid of that rotten, leftover food and will freshen your breath in no time.

Have Overall Good Health

The bacteria in your mouth can reach cardiac tissue putting you at risk for heart disease. If you have any other health issues, such as diabetes, any problem with areas that are not healing properly can lead to bigger health problems than you had before. Flossing your teeth can help keep bacteria away from entering your body in ways that will inhibit your health. If your health is important to you then flossing is something you should do daily.

For these reasons flossing your teeth is important. You should try to floss daily at least once a day. If you can floss morning, noon and night, along with brushing, you will have a healthy and happy smile. Be sure to build flossing your teeth into your routine and not become lazy about it. Not only will your dentist appreciate your efforts, but your teeth will too.