The Importance of Relaxing

In Western culture, the ability to stay focused on the task at hand has become an admirable and sought-after trait. Living in a world where education has become a factory-system of pushing state-mandated standards into the minds of children, should it really be any surprise that children dissent school and have trouble concentrating?

Alertness has become so glamorized in our society that stimulant drugs, energy drinks, and coffee are being taken like candy. However, have you ever truly thought about the harmful effects this has on our society and our people? You end up focusing so intently on each individual tree that you lose sight of the forest, then find there is no way out. That's when you know you have lost yourself and have become a productivity tool instead of a person.

Some people will argue, "focusing is the only way anything ever gets done." This is completely wrong. All innovation in this world, from your iPod to your chair, spawned not from hard work, but from laziness. Laziness is a gift that should be embraced, because if we were all totally complacent human beings who loved doing repetitive tasks, we would see no need to change anything. There would be no innovation, therefore there would be no progress as a civilization. We could continue to remain still, blind to the rest of the world, becoming a scarecrow that keeps the birds of progress from delivering their seeds to the orchards of humanity.

To see new ideas, we must first stop looking at old ones. We must break the shackles of conformity that we set on ourselves, and look at the world with our own eyes. Life was not meant to stand still. Studies have shown that those who have high focus, have less long-term memory recall. Do you know why? Because novel experiences create memory, not repetition. Memories should be formed by our emotions, excitement, and joy, not from a cookie-cutter rote memory system. Stop focusing on your job, stop focusing on being the best at everything, and stop focusing on trivial faults in society. Once you've left the locked doors of routine, determination, and persistence, you will open up to a new gateway of innovation, creativity, peace, and happiness. You must learn to be content in yourself.

If you have trouble focusing in class,  I can assure you that there is nothing wrong with you. Many of the most creative people in our society are also the laziest. Creativity is not part of the road, it is like the gas station on the next exit. If you're too focused on the road ahead, you just missed your break. Forcing creativity is like trying to force yourself to sleep. Have you ever really needed to go to sleep, so you got worried, then you ended up not getting any sleep at all? That's what happens to writers who don't know how to defocus. Stay true to who you are, not what society thinks you need to be.