Did you know that gaming can be incredibly good for you? It’s true! There are actually a number of different benefits that come with playing games on a regular basis, especially when you are doing so with people that you love and care about? Here are some of the benefits of gaming regularly.

1. Gaming can help to reduce stress. Some people who play particular games may disagree, but in general, gaming reduces stress because it gets your mind off what is going on and it can help you to relax after a rough day. The immersive quality of video games helps with this, but if you don't watch yourself, it can also become sort of an addiction. Use games as a stress relief, but do so in a balanced way. 

2. Gaming helps foster community. If you play games with other people, even if you get overexcited and over-competitive with each other, you know that it’s not something you’re going to get in a huge fight over. Instead, you will find that it makes you become much closer with those that you are playing games with on a regular basis, and you’ll want to spend even more time together.

3. Gaming is good brain exercise. Crossword puzzles and Sudoku have been shown to help reduce the speed of regression in Alzheimer’s patients, but playing games in general allows your brain to work in high gear. You have to solve problems, answer questions, and use your brain to perform a number of different tasks. You do this in in order to win or succeed in the game that you want to play. So if you have been looking for something that can exercise your brain, games can be a huge help. 

4. Gaming allows you to express creativity. Creative problem solving has always been at the core when people are playing games, because of the aforementioned reason of “being good brain exercise.” Playing games regularly may help your brain get creative with other tasks like art, music, and writing.

So, next time that you want to go and play a computer game or that you enjoy playing something with your family or friends, realize that you are doing something that is good for your whole self. Play games more with those you love and you’ll start to see a huge difference in your life.