Fire pits are one of the hottest and one of the coolest home accessories around. With the growing popularity of outdoor "living spaces," items like designer patio fire pits and fireplaces have become ultra-chic home decor pieces. They are often included in modern outdoor rooms that have become extensions of our indoor living spaces.

There are many lovely outdoor fire pit styles on the market and if you are searching for one it may be difficult to decided. But before you decide on a style, you should first decide on what burning material you want your fire pit to use. There are really only about 3 choices in this field--gas, wood, or propane. This article outlines why gas fire pits are the best option.

Before you purchase a fire pit, you must check your local city's fire codes. Many cities just do not allow open fires in backyards. In this case, getting a gas fire pit is an easy choice. Gas fire pits are safer, allowing you to control the flame. With wood-burning pits the fire is less predictable. Sometimes you get a much larger flame than you bargained for. Gas fire pits also create much less pollution and noxious fumes than wood burning pits. Many cities have strict pollution laws that prohibit the use of certain types of fire pits as well.

Gas outdoor fire pits are also preferable because they are much less messy. There is no ash or debris to deal with. You do not have to fumble around with messy fire logs either. There is also no cleaning or disposal of messy ash. No debris makes gas pits even that much more safe. There is always a possibility that burning bits of debris will fly out of your wood burning pit and land in the brush somewhere unnoticed.

Since it is a safer fire pit option, it is also the best choice if you have kids or pets. In addition to having a gas fire pit, you can purchase a fire pit cover for added protection. It will keep your children safe and also protects the pit from the elements. Many pit covers come in stylish designs as well.

Easy assembly and fire start up are the last bonuses to having a gas fire pit. Some start with the flick of a switch, or built in ignitor, that also makes it easy to turn off when you are done. With wood burning pits, starting the fire can occasionally be a little dangerous and when you are finished you must either wait for the fire to die down or put it out with water which creates a large, noxious smoke cloud.