In speculating about ghost recordings, you are likely think of a person who captured an image, whether it was purposeful or not. This is a very accurate definition. Sometimes though, there are other various sorts of footage, However, often times, are totally unlike the recordings that most people are used to, or any forms of devices.

In years that have passed, there have been examples of spooky apparitions being recorded without any electric devices. A recording of ghosts caught on tape can be great when it comes to providing evidence that spirits are among us, but the spectral marvel I am referring to is known as a residual haunting. While some phantasms are sentient, those that are a part of a residual haunting are not. These spirits haven't got any conscious thoughts about anything apart from the memory that they keep repeating, and probably will continue repeating forever. They know nothing about what time they are in and even if you are standing right next to them, they won't know that you are there.

There was one property that I visited myself where I experienced an intensely detailed residual haunting; one that has evidently been seen on many occasions. When I went to the Queen Mary in California's Long Beach I was mesmerized by the dance hall that was filled with people laughing and dancing wearing tuxedos and ball dresses. I continued observing with fascination as the grand soiree went on without anyone noticing the fact that that I had arrived in the room. The reason none of them knew I was there was because not a single one of them was a living human being. They were all apparitions that had been imprinted in that place from an event that took place decades earlier.

Any type of spectacle with ghosts that continue actions in an unending loop without comprehending that you are watching is likely to be a residual haunting. A haunting like this might could manifest in any place and in any form. It could happen in unpleasant old building, exhibiting a ghostly man who lived long ago murdering a person or the scene could be seen as a frail aged gentleman bending over, bringing his mail into his home. There is no telling what a residual haunting will depict, and the reason this happens has yet to be discovered