All-inclusive resorts and vacations are a smart choice for family travel. You will save a lot of money by choosing this option, because your accommodations, meals, activities and airfare are included. Many of the resort companies have opened convenient properties in Florida and Hawaii, eliminating the need to worry about passports. Other popular destinations include Mexico and the Caribbean islands. It is also much easier to plan an activity-filled vacation that involves children.

Fun Options for Children

One of the advantages of an all-inclusive family resort is that kids can share a villa or suite and meals with their parents while having the opportunity to enjoy their own activities. An extra perk is the fact that children under a certain age (usually 12) can stay for free. Childcare providers who enjoy kids can watch your littlest ones while special excursions just for older kids and teens can be planned for everyone else. Many resorts have supervised dinners for kids so that Mom and Dad can enjoy a quiet meal.

Family Resorts vs. Resorts for Adults

Most families prefer family resorts over adult resorts that are open to teens. The age issue aside, there are more options available at a family property. Entertainment options generally appeal to all ages, and the activities are catered to different age groups, with plenty of options for the whole family. Adults can find opportunities for solitude in quieter beach areas, without the nude or topless beach areas featured at some resorts.

Resorts: The Better Option by Far

You can count on having a great time, whether you prefer exploring Mayan ruins with your teens or letting your kids see a volcano in Hawaii. If you're in as more exotic corner of the world, it can be a history and culture lesson for all. Watersports, horseback riding and golf are some popular activities that vacation properties offer. Comfortable lodgings, great food and non-stop fun are reasons to consider this for your next vacation.