Augmented reality is really an ingenious and awesome invention, it allows to display computer generated graphics (or cgi) interacting with the real world through a computer or a digital device (such a tablet or a smart phone) using a camera. 

Google, being the innovative company it is, saw the potential of the technology and rushed to implement it as a product everyone would enjoy in their dairy lives. The Google Glass Project intends to create augmented reality glasses that will display all kinds of information from the internet interacting with real life. If you are in the street, looking for an address, the glasses will display it, along with directions of how to get there. It will also display useful real-time information, like time, current temperature and weather forecasts. The users will be able to interact with their social networks in real-time, as they currently do with their smartphones, sharing pictures, audio, their location, video and making video calls. 

Looks like the evolution of smartphones is here. The world will be, once again, a better place... or is it?

Just imagine if everyone would be using augmented reality glasses, it would be awesome. You could play video games, films, videos, and see how the characters or digital objects interact with the real world, you could have a real size dragon pet that follows you everywhere, the possibilities are endless. Now, just imagine all that but with people driving in their cars... madness.

Today it's illegal to drive and speak on the phone at the same time, why? Because human beings have little coordination, it is difficult to perfectly concentrate in more than one thing at once. You're driving in the street, don't remember the address, your glasses display the map with directions, no problem, it's semi-transparent, however, even if you are seeing what's behind the map, you are not concentrating on it, you are already performing many different actions, focusing on the wheel, the pedals, that song in the speakers, that little arrow that points in the destination, you missed a red light, you are dead... or ran over a family. 

It's an extreme case, but think about it, you can say that you will be very responsible and careful, but do you really think everyone else will be too? After all, that's the real reason why there are no flying cars, you could be happily eating dinner in your 50th floor apartment, when a drunk driver hits your kitchen at 200 mph.

The prototype that Google shows is also very unlikely, it looks like normal glasses that display information in the form of text and images, however, the human eye can't focus at objects that are so close.

Technology is neither a blessing nor a curse, it al depends on how we use it, Google Glass seems very promising, let's hope our brains don't shrink more due to the availability of information nowadays.