Google Wave's Logo

Maybe you have heard of Google Wave, maybe you haven't.
If you haven't, Google Wave is Google's new concept that would replace the current email system.
When you think about it, email as we know it has been invented in the 70's, almost 40 years ago.
It has a lot of problems, most notable no security on outgoing mail, resulting in a lot of spam.

Google's solution to this, is a complete overhaul of this system. After 40 years, it might be about time.

The most prominent differences between email today and Google Wave are:

  • If you forward a wave to another person, you don't send a copy of this wave, but they actually get access to the same wave, since it is central on the server. This brings forth a great advantage over email. You know how it goes with normal email. You sent a mail out to a couple of people, some of them reply, but they do not all "reply to all", so not everyone has access to the complete story. Furthermore, with email, a lot of replies overlap eachother and with very active emails to many persons you might loose track of what reply is a reply to what.
    Google wave solves this since everybody sees the same wave, which is in sync for all users all the time. Its like a forum or a blog.
  • Even after a lot of activity has been going on in a wave, whenever you 'forward' a wave to a person, he will get access to the same wave as everybody else on the server and see all replies and adjustments made, making it less hard then with email to sort out all the replies.
  • Multiple users can edit a wave, this might be handy if you have received a wave from a collegue and you see some spelling mistakes. You can easily edit them out of there, before someone else see's them. This works like a Wiki.
  • Since multiple users can work on a wave at the same time, it is also great as a colleberation tool. Imagine: Your manager sets up a new wave, with some stub topics. Then you and your collegues come in and everyone works on a topic. While you guys are writing, the dictosaurus guy comes in behind you and fixes up grammar and spelling mistakes. While all this is going on, someone else can go in behind the dictosaurus guy and do the makeup of the document.
    This way, a document can be build up in moments, never needing to synchronise manually or mail the document over and over to get the latest version in it.
  • There is a replay function, so you can view all edits to a wave. This is very handy to see when something was changed or to revert to previous version of the wave.
These are the most prominent facts about google wave. There is a lot more too it !
Google Wave is currenlty in limited preview, and can only be joined by invites.
If you would like one, leave a comment and we'll see what we can do.

You might think that this will be a google monopoly, but the wave developers have already stated that this will come as a serversoftware package that every company can install just like they would a regular mailserver. It is then possible to send waves between servers. This way companies don't have to be paranoid about someone outside their organisation reading their messages.