Granite countertops have become a very popular material to use in kitchen and bathroom remodels. Anyone who has looked into installing this beautiful material has no doubt noticed the large price difference between granite tile and a granite slab. However, many people have no idea why the price difference is so large and assume it is because granite tiles are an inferior product. The fact is that you can often get a higher quality granite tile at a lower price than a granite slab. Here is why.

Larger Supply of Granite Tile

Granite is a natural stone and because of this will have flaws that have to be sorted through to find a piece that can be used as a countertop. This one of the largest reasons granite tile is cheaper than a granite slab. It is easier to find a quality 12" x 12" piece of granite with good color, thickness and strength than a 12' long piece of granite with the same qualities. Since it is easier to find these smaller sections of quality granite that can be used as tile, there will naturally be a higher availability and the price will drop.

Larger Demand for Granite Slab

People have many reasons for wanting a granite slab instead of granite tile. Some people want the seamless look a granite slab countertop can give, while others feel a slab automatically with give them a higher quality granite coutnertop. Because of this, there is a higher demand for a granite slab countertop than there is granite tile. Combine this with the lower supply and you have a very expensive product.

Easier Installation of Granite Tile

Many people do not realize that the cost of granite installation is added into the per square foot cost that you will be charged. Since a granite slab countertop requires more workers for installation and is more time intensive, the overall cost will go up significantly. With granite tile, on the other hand, installation is not too much more labor or time intensive than installing a typical ceramic tile countertop. Less labor means less cost and is therefore cheaper overall to the person wanting the granite countertop.

Once you look at the impact that supply, demand and the cost of installation have on your granite countertop choices, you can see why granite tile countertop is so much cheaper than a granite slab. It is not because granite tile is inferior granite but just simple economics. So if you are looking to get a granite countertop but were worried about quality, have no fear if you choose granite tile. The choice just may get you a higher quality countertop for much less.