When was the last time you made the connection between gray hair and feeling sexy? If you're finding it hard to draw a link, I'm going to share some surprising discoveries I've had growing my hair out gray. For the past year, I've jumped into the unknown world of not dyeing my hair and one thing you need to know about me and the many women who are choosing to grow their hair out gray is we're not doing it because we're tired of being chained to the dye or because we're having allergic reactions to chemicals (although those are both popular and compelling reasons). Nope, there's a good chunk of us who flat out think the look is awesome and are choosing to flaunt, rather than cover up, our unique natural assets.

This idea, of owning your looks is a radical shift in our evolvement as a culture. The mantra that "we have to color our hair at the first sign of a gray strand" has been passed down not only from the media but from our own families and friends. But now, thanks to heaps of online communities where women are openly sharing their "gray hair adventures", many of us who are taking the plunge are experiencing something we never expected.  We're feeling sexier. 

Here are five reasons why growing out your hair gray is a sexy move.

1. There is nothing sexier than confidence. 

Let's face it. Choosing to grow gray hair flies smack in the face of the status quo. I always thought I was a pretty confident person but this experience has pushed me to another rung of the ladder. According to Dr. Seth Myers, a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in relationships, confidence is one of the strongest appealing factors when it comes to sex appeal. Rather than feeling slumped in shame, we're doing this because we want to. And that's sexy. 

My gray transition at 12 months 








2. Silver is a style statement, not a white flag of surrender

While Helen Mirren and Jamie Lee Curtis are well-deserved as leading the high profile gray way, I love getting clues from younger fashionistas. Spunks who purposely rock gray (when they feel like it) such as fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson, red carpet icon Kelly Osbourne or model Cheeno Grey prove to me that silver is a sexy, and non-age specific, style statement.

3. A great silver look demands a self care step-up

Newsflash. Going gray isn't a license for slacking off in the self care department. The truth about rocking a great gray look is you have to really step up your beauty routines in just about every area. This means it's important to put a new focus on your body, your clothes, your skin, and your make up. The great thing about this is that you can end up looking and feeling better than you did before you go into the gray zone. 

Gray Hair 11 Months

See my gray? 11 Months of not dyeing my hair

4. You learn to ask for what you want

When you do the gray hair thing, you enter a boot camp where you have to learn to state your case. For me this started when my hairdresser balked at the idea of me stopping the dye. He was furious! And guess what? I fired him! This reminded me that many of us, especially those of us over 40, are used to respecting authority (whether it's a hairdresser or a doctor) and taking their word as gospel, even when it doesn't ring true for us. Whether it's learning to say "no" or "yes", knowing how to language what we want and need is a sexual power tool.

5. Going gray teaches us how to get out of our comfort zone

For some, going gray is super easy and they cruise on through it.  For me, because my gray doesn't contrast much with my dyed, it's been a mixed bag of sometimes cruising and other times wobbling through the process. It's definitely a journey into the unknown in a society that's only slowly getting a grip on the possibilities. But the unfamiliar feelings are a great thing! There are ripple effects that mean if we can get through this, we can get through other things. Being brave is attractive. 

So, have I convinced you? Can you see a connection between sexy and silver hair? If you've got a story of how silver helped you bring sexy back, I'd love to hear about it. Post it here!

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