Dating Online Is EasierCredit: Tommaso Colia

It is not uncommon for a guy to get no dates when trying to get them in a bar or club and then realize that they can get a lot more when they give internet dating a try. There are several reasons why men become a lot more effective at talking to women online when compared to a situation when they have a girl right in front of them. If you have tried everything else but are still hesitant of giving these websites a shot then here are some reasons for you to change your mind.

No Immediate Response

Think Before You TypeCredit: Jamie Grill

One of the biggest obstacles when trying to talk to women is fear and that fear can make you freeze when you have a conversation that can later become a date. You may not know what to say or answer to questions that you would otherwise have no problem answering. It becomes easy to say something that in the near future you will regret saying. When you send a message on the other hand you can take your time and make sure that you are saying everything that you want to say and that you are saying it right so that there is no confusion in her part. When you actually have time to think of a response you are more likely to appear as yourself and not a nervous wreck.

Even if you are on an instant chat you would get a little extra time to answer unless of course you are using a webcam. To get more time just use any excuse about why it is taking you so long to answer (I am getting a bad connection). If you tend to get nervous try to not use the webcam until you feel more comfortable with the woman you are talking to; that way the responses will come easily.

Likes And Dislikes

Take Time To Find Likes And DislikesCredit: jdillontoole

Another reason that dating websites give you an advantage is that you know what the person you are talking to likes and dislikes. These sites are great because they will ask you a series of questions and ask you to fill out a personal profile form. The profile will give you an insight of the things you and her have in common. This is not to say that you should pretend to like some things to get close to her. Telling her lies that will come to light in the future is not a way to start a relationship.

Read the entire profile (don’t just look at the pictures) and look at the things that you like and dislike. You will likely find things in her profile that you are both true fans of, and you could also find deal-breakers. It is better to really get as much of a full picture as possible so that it is easier for you to have something to talk about before the first email is even sent. If you had that type of advantage when you are talking to a woman in a public place then perhaps you would not have so much trouble when asking for a date.

Not Much Competition

Less CompetitionCredit: Hill Street Studios

When you are trying to talk to a woman in public and especially when you are at a bar or a club you have to deal not only with your own nerves, but also a lot of competition. Guys know that some places are pick-up spots so they will go there looking their best with their most popular cheesy lines ready. Girls in a club full of single guys are like a bleeding seal in an ocean full of sharks, so you do not have the best chance of getting her attention even if you are the only half decent guy in the bar.

We are not saying that there is no competition in dating websites; there are plenty of guys looking to get a girl’s attention, but she can only read one email at a time. There is no guy trying to get her a drink at the same time that you are saying hi to her and that puts you in an even playing ground or even at an advantage. If you know what to say and it is more than just a simple hello you have a better chance of getting her attention than some of the guys you would usually have to compete with in public. Your chances of getting dates online are what you make them.

Not Fishing Blind

Don't Have To Look For Available SignsCredit: Joe Potato

One of the better benefits of dating websites is that you are not fishing blindly. What I mean is that you know which women are looking for someone and in some cases you will get a solid idea of the guy they are looking for. Just because someone is alone at the moment or partying with friends it does not mean that they are available for dating. The women setting up profiles are looking for a specific type of relationship which could be anything from short term or casual, to long term and even marriage.

Because you know for a fact that they are looking for someone you do not have to suffer the rejection you would if you were looking to get a date blindly. A guy that has been told no a few times will not always see that the reason is not that they are not good enough, but rather that the woman they were asking out was just not available. Maybe if she were available she would have said yes, and that is what you get from dating online.

More Options 

Even Shy Women Will Try Online DatingCredit: Alix Minde

Online personals are also a place where the number of women will be greater than you ever thought possible. There are plenty of women who do not look for dates in places where people usually do because they are shy or they just do not like that type of atmosphere. These women are more likely to create a profile online and look there. You will also find people who are just too busy for the dating scene. Not everyone has the time to go out on a Saturday night, so instead their profile is out there telling the right guy that she is available.

She may even use her profile the same way that you do because after all it is much easier to talk to someone from your computer than in person. Whether it is due to shyness or because you are too busy to go out, dating websites can be the answer for your love life.