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If you own a motorcycle, then having motorcycle immobilizer security alarms is a must buy. Having these alarms protects your investment with an affordable, yet powerful, security solution that offers you a complete peace of mind. From professional installations to those guys who can do it themselves, from top of the line equipment to affordable solutions, there are security alarms that will fit your current needs.


No One But You Can Ride Your Bike

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Using a padlock and chain is simply outdated when it comes to protecting your motorcycle. You need something current, modern, and cutting edge. The modern motorcycle immobilizer security alarms work by installing an anti-hijacking feature onto the engine of your bike. If used while the security alarms are activated, the anti-hijacking features causes the motorcycle engine to be cut off after a short period of operational time. In many cases the sensitivity of the motorcycle immobilizer alarm systems can be easily adjusted by remote to different settings according to your specific needs. In addition, many systems also allow for an emergency security function which ensures that the engine is completely immobilized should the motorcycle be started up forcibly.

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Immobilization Not For You Today? Not a Problem!

Many motorcycle immobilizer security alarms come with different security settings. This allows you the flexibility to just set an audio alarm if your bike is tampered with, both an audio and visual alarm, or audio, visual, and immobilization features. In addition, many motorcycle immobilizer security alarms come with multiple sensitivity options, allowing you greater control in how, when, and where your alarm goes off should your bike attempt to be stolen. The best of systems allow these options to be changed on the fly via remote control.


Don't Pay an Arm and a Leg!

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Big prices do not necessarily equate to big protection value. With excellent motorcycle immobilizer security alarms starting at just $23.99, you do not have to break the bank in order to protect your property. Many insurance companies will also offer a discount on your motorcycle insurance if you have protective measures against theft installed on your bike, which can help recompense the initial cost of the alarm itself.


Save More By Installing It Yourself!

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Many of the motorcycle immobilizer security alarms you can purchase as an addition to your bike come with complete instructions on how to properly install them. After all, why pay a service guy a couple hours of labor when you can spend a couple hours doing it yourself and know that you did it right? However, if professional installation is the way you want to go because you do not have the time, ambition, or technical know-how to install the security alarms yourself, always remember to take your bike to a specialist. Remember that when it comes to getting professional services, you often get what you pay for.


Protecting your property is becoming more and more important in our modern age, and having motorcycle immobilizer security alarms installed on your bike is important for keeping your bike safe and keeping you with a peace of mind.