When it comes to healthy birthday cake recipes, we have the bad habit of not bothering. After all—who knew that healthy birthday cake recipes even existed? Well, they certainly do and they’re something that every household should at least check into, if not enjoy. However, you have to really break down birthday cakes to see WHY you shouldn’t be eating the store-bought ones, but making your own! Let’s take a look at a few of the ingredients:


This is definitely an obvious one—but you have to keep in mind that most of the time, well…we don’t think about it. Sugar is usually absent in healthy birthday cake recipes, since it can cause your pancreas to overwork itself and stop working…or just not work properly in the first place. Needless to say, sugar isn’t really your best bet. There are plenty of alternatives, however. You have Stevia, which is better than sugar.  You can also use natural fruit juice from sweet fruits instead of sugar too! There are quite a few different alternatives that are just as delicious!


The flour in birthday cake recipes can be over processed—taking out many of the nutrients and pretty much just leaving behind the bad. However, healthy birthday cake recipes sometimes call for healthier whole wheat flour. If you’re concerned about your glucose (which flour slowly turns into), then you definitely want to check into something different. Keep in mind that flour isn’t exactly bad for you—but it is something that you want to be careful with and make sure that you use something healthy whenever it’s possible.


Icing is another problem. Let’s face it—if you buy birthday cakes from a store, you get a ton of yummy…delicious…awesome goodness…and probably way too many calories. If you look at whipped cream frosting or any other kind of frosting, it’s pretty obvious what it’s made out of…fat and sugar. Both of these are horrible, as you might imagine, in large quantities. Eating a food made completely out of it is pretty much unquestionably not a good idea. There are plenty of healthy birthday cake recipes that show you ways to cut the fat and the sugar. Not to mention that you can also just toss the icing as well.


Chocolate itself isn’t a bad thing and will be present in some healthy birthday cake recipes—but to make it healthy, you need dark chocolate or chocolate that has not gone through the Dutch process. Needless to say, you need to make sure to take time to find chocolate that has low fat—and the most anti-oxidants possible. There are quite a few healthy birthday cake recipes that substitute chocolate or put something healthier in it. It’s quick, easy, and awesome for those who are looking for something that’s better for them. Let’s face it—it’s way easier to keep adding a different type of chocolate than to completely take it out.

But, Why A Healthy Birthday Cake?

Well, there are several reasons why you should pull out the healthy birthday cake recipes and try to eat healthier. The first and foremost is, well…birthdays happen every day. When the guests leave, you end up with cake left over more often than not. Needless to say, it isn’t all that good for those who have diabetes or other medical conditions…or little ones who might end up with these illnesses in the future! It helps you way more than you might think.

It helps prevent diabetes

Less sugar in healthy birthday cake recipes and less high fructose corn syrup is your best friend. Let’s face it—sugar already comes with quite a few issues. When you toss in that and high fructose corn syrup…well, you might as well start buying insulin now. Luckily, there are a few ways around this. Mainly, just using something OTHER than sugar. You can use fruit juice instead or you can use many different substitutes. The point is, you aren’t limited just because there’s less sugar.

It doesn’t affect taste of the cake

The taste of healthy birthday cake recipes is just as delicious as good old regular birthday cakes. Let’s face it—there is NO reason for you to not replace all of that unhealthiness with something else. The icing might taste way different, but that’s it. You can do so much with the right ingredients. There are plenty of substitutes for different ingredients—take the time to find the ones that work the very best for you!

In the long run, it’s good for you.

Keep in mind—it’s good for you. However, it’s also good for your little ones. Your little ones see how you act and how you eat and they pick up your food habits. If you try to infuse them with the notion that anything can be made healthy—they’ll take the time to try to make pretty much anything healthy! You can help your little ones and yourself—after all, to reinforce the importance of eating right, you have to do so as well! So, take the time to make sure that you do the same with healthy cake recipes. Show your little one how to create a yummy dessert that is much healthier for them than store-bought. This will help to combat diseases for them as well as you.


You can find healthy birthday cake recipes in quite a few locations, including online and by finding substitutions. There are plenty of different substitutions that you can check into, including applesauce, sugar alternatives, and even different types of flour. Take your time to really look for this stuff—it’s important, after all. Let’s face it: you may not be able to find each and every recipe that you want. It’s a given—but you can turn each and every recipe into something that is quite a bit healthier for you. This is the best part of learning about these kinds of recipes—you make it so that you can create your own healthy birthday cake recipes!