Model trains have been around for centuries. Their history dates back to over a hundred years. There are many different model train clubs and societies all over the country and the world. The very first model trains used to run on a clock like mechanism but later they started building model trains that were powered by steam and electricity.

Many people think that model trains and toy trains are the same thing. This could not be further from the truth. The truth is that model trains and toy trains are very different. Model trains are exact replicas of actual trains that people ride in every day and can be very expensive whereas toy trains are fairly cheap.

If you were to examine a model train carefully, you would see all the little intricate details that distinguish it from actual trains. People who are members of train clubs would know the difference rather well. It is very important to become a member of model train clubs because they help you get a better understanding of the nature of this hobby and also help you build better layouts and imaginative scenery. They also put you in touch with fellow hobbyists and can be a great social experience.

Most model trains are made of Brass and for a good reason. Brass is a wonderful alloy to use for products that require molding because of the intricate detail that can be embedded into the molding itself. Steam model trains need to have very fine and exquisite detail and make for excellent candidates for Brass molding. The Brass also gives the trains a nice sheen and a wonderful finished and polished look that is difficult to replicate with other alloys.

Train collecting and display is a lot more than just buying the trains themselves. It also involved building the layout and the scenery. Many collectors spend months building the perfect layout in which to display their trains. Some scenery is very beautiful and many people use plastic trees and foliage to give their layout an authentic look. Then they lay the actual track winding around the scenery to produce an idyllic scene for the model train.

A Brass train all shiny and polished can look very regal and gorgeous if it is surrounded by the right layout and scenery. This is a large part of the train collector's hobby. Many trains are actually working models. They really do chug along if you lay out a properly constructed track. You will notice that model trains come in various sizes and gauges. In the U.S., the 'o' scale model train is popular as it had been a feature of early train manufacturers such as American Flyer.

The sheer quality and detail of current modern model trains is hard to fathom. These trains are true works of art and must be seen to be appreciated. These days the "ho" trains are becoming very popular followed by the N scale train. With so many varieties to choose from, the enthusiast is truly spoiled for choices. It has never been a better time to be a train collector.