Owning an air conditioning system at home is mainly for comfort and convenience. During the summer season it helps to keep the home cool with reduced temperature. In order to keep it running efficiently, it is better to know the lifetime of the AC and maintain it properly. Most of the units last for about 20 years if taken care of properly. However, if used in areas where the temperature is above 90 degrees, the lifespan could be reduced to almost half. One of the best systems that can be used as an alternative to window, wall or centralized systems is the split air conditioner. A split AC is more than enough to cool a standard sized home. 

Workings of a Split System Air Conditioner

The split AC does not require any kind of duct work and reduces all kinds of energy expenditures. Most of the homeowners are not aware of the workings of the system and consequently do not use them for their homes. The installation and working is very simple too. The system has two separate component sections, the indoor and the outdoor. The outdoor part is a compressor which is responsible for initiating the cooling process. The indoor component is a fan and an evaporator. Both these sections are connected with tubes and wires for the movement of air. 

Split Air Conditioner
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A thermostat inside controls the compressor. When the thermostat detects warm air the compressor is activated and circulates the refrigerant gas. This results in the increase of the temperature and pressure of the gas moving through the tubes and pipes. The gas moves to the condenser for processing. The cooling system in the condenser removes the heat from the gas and changes it into liquid which is pushed through the tubes inside until it reaches the evaporator system. The warm air inside the home is collected and passed through the chilled liquid chamber. The fan blows the cool air into the room and helps to lower the temperature. 

Choosing an Air Conditioner

Since it is a compact system, very little heat and energy escape from it. During use of centralized systems, much of the energy is lost due to the heat exchange. This problem is eliminated in the split air conditioner. Unlike other wall and window units, this system is more efficient and provides sufficient cooling for multiple and large rooms. A split air conditioner is easy to operate, compact, relatively inexpensive and easy to maintain. 

Buying and Installation

While purchasing the split AC system, these factors should be considered for choosing the best energy efficient cooling solution. Since it requires some amount of wiring and installation techniques a professional should be hired for installing. After the system is installed, homeowners will realize that it is an energy efficient and inexpensive way of controlling the heat inside.