Why homeschooling? Why bother educating your children at home, when you could just send them to school and have the day to yourself? Aren’t you asking for more work and stress if you homeschool your kids?

As a former schoolteacher, I could list at least twenty reasons to choose home education over institutionalized schooling. I could talk about it for at least a couple of hours. But in this article, I want to present four of the top reasons that any parent of average mental capacity should seriously consider homeschooling.

1. Institutions turn out robots.

Children in schools- private and public – are al taught the same things at the same time, and are expected to learn them at the same time. They are taught not to question authority and to accept all information at face value. Therefore, they are not encouraged to think for themselves, and individual needs, interests and talents are ignored most of the time.

2. Homeschooling families tend to be more deeply bonded than non-homeschoolers.

Parents who don’t homeschool often argue that this choice of education would only increase family tension, because they don’t get along with their kids. But could it be they don’t get along with them because they don’t know them very well, because they only see them a couple hours a day? This may very well be the case, as homeschooling parents who previously sent their children to school report that they are more bonded with them now that everyone is at home.

3. Educating your children at home better ensures their physical and emotional safety.

Did you know that pre-teen kids are committing suicide because they are being bullied into sheer terror and hopelessness by other kids at school? That’s not to mention the shootings and stabbings that sometimes occur on school grounds – even in elementary schools, even in the suburbs! Children who are educated at home do not have to face the pressure to try drugs, or the degradation from teachers who do not like them.

4. Homeschooling provides flexibility.

Most families complete the day’s lessons in four hours or less. This leaves a lot of time for children to pursue their own interests, do volunteer work or do what kids do best – play! The flexibility also means that children can move at their own pace, and that families can take day trips and vacations whenever convenient for them.

Homeschooling brings many more benefits for both parents and children. If you have been on the fence, struggling with deciding to educate your kids at home, take it from someone who knows: home education is superior to any other options you have.