Why Hooliganism and Racism in Football Are Good for Business

England is famous for football or as some will call it, the beautiful game. When you have a bunch of idiots running around chasing a leather ball and getting paid millions for their efforts, you can understand why a lot of parents will want their children to be part of the system. A lot of people don’t understand why grown up men get all worked up because of sports. Only those suffering from mental atrophy will find it hard to understand the passion and the anxiety. Football is not just a sport. It is the best thing since slice bread and it is also worth dying for (ask a true fan). That might seem like taking it too far but football is a religion and only believers will appreciate the faith strengthening impact of watching a live game.

Many have committed atrocities in the name of religion. If you find that hard to believe, you can do a little research into Catholicism and Islam. Americans enjoy watching the Super bowl but they don’t seem to understand the game called soccer until people like David Beckham and Thierry Henry went there to rest their tired and aging legs. It was quite hilarious to see Americans getting excited about football during the world cup. That said, in Latin America, Africa and in Europe, believers will do anything to defend their team come what may. Remember the Columbian goal keeper who got shot for letting down the national team? Remember the World Cup in France when a police officer was beaten unconscious by hooligans for doing his job?

Hooligans are defined as religious fanatics with very limited mental analytic capacity. They often have jobs and have enough money to pay for tickets to see their favorite teams. They also have yearly subscriptions and attend away games like a Sunday morning service. They run their membership like a family business and don’t understand the difference between winning or losing. They fight when they win and they fight when they lose. It is part of the membership creed.

Racists are a different breed and will go religion hopping because they never seem to fit anywhere. They often consider themselves victims of modern society. They love to visit exotic countries on holidays and pretend to be racist when they are among other low lives with equal mental disadvantages. They look for strength in group and like to follow a dead leader of read outdated books. These breeds are sometimes part of the Hooligan group. The soft-core among them will deny being racist and cite eating Turkish or India take-ways as proof. Those who often leave their brains behind whenever they are out and about  try to be threatening but only when they are in a familiar neighborhood.

Medicated Solution

When you think about racism and hooliganism in football, you would think a rational solution will be to ban the teams who are not actively pursuing crazy fans. The cameras are powerful enough to zoom on them and kick them out of the stadium and ban them from live matches for a year or more. The question is, why would you want to do that? When the livelihood of a team depends on fans buying t-shirts, team outfits, paying for tickets to the stadium, that will be a lot of loss for all those connected to the game directly or indirectly. When money is in jeopardy, you will have to sacrifice your victims at the altar of decadence. The medicated solutions most authorities have adopted have been a disgrace to say the least. There is no real desire to sort out such a simple problem. What often happens is that the authorities call for tolerance. That is such a crazy thing to do when you take into consideration the average IQ level of those involved. The word tolerance doesn’t even exit in their vocabulary.

Those Making Money from Hooliganism and Racism

Everyone makes money from football. Even those who suffer from racism just keep a low profile and wait for the pay day. Some make more money in a week that some families make in a year. Years back, the French striker Eric Cantona of Manchester United couldn’t control himself and he took an efficient but not very intelligent approach to the insult he was getting. He did a karate kick on a fan. That raised his status from a good player to almost godlike. It made headlines and he got himself banned from several matches. The fan will likely think twice before insulting another player. The next day, all major tabloid newspapers had a whale of a time selling the pictures.

Club owners make money when the stadiums are filled and they stand a lot to lose if they were to get serious about kicking out hooliganism and racism. There are also television networks who need to keep filming unruly fans making a fool of themselves during half-time or when the game is just so uninspiring. The television deals are worth millions of pounds sterling or Euros.

Policing all the idiots before, during and after the game is another money making venture. Security firms are paid millions yearly for crowd control and keeping other morons from invading the pitch for a moment of glory. When you think about the mythical Wembley stadium, it is like a battle ground where 25 people get to run around and about 90,000 people get to lose their minds hoping for a miracle. How much do you think the Football Authority rakes in at every event? By the way, the stadium cost about $1billion to build. When you think about the astronomical figures at stake, hooliganism and racism are good for business because they give those who are that way inclined an outlet to be carried away by the effect of the crowd and get away with being unruly.

It is also good for politicians as football helps people think about something else instead of the failing economy. Another reason why nothing is being done is that it creates jobs. Known hooligans are often tracked by Europol during away games because you can’t guarantee that they will be better behaved in a foreign country. By the way, cultural differences don’t seem to impact hooligans. They tend to find other louts like them no matter where they go.

Football tends to bring out the best and the worst in humans the same as religion.