Hymns are simply, "Songs of Praise." Exactly what does this imply though? Are hymns different than other songs of praise? Exactly who are they truly being sung to? Did hymns always sound the same as they do at present? Those are fantastic questions, and I'm here to help you figure out what hymns simply are. Although there are generally multiple different types of hymns, I'd like to concentrate on the most well-known kind of hymn; a Christian hymn.

Many times, whenever somebody asks that you sing a song of praise, a specific image comes up in your head. For me, it's a crowd of men and women at a large church, eyes closed, singing songs together in unison whilst a band on stage guides them. DISCLAIMER: The impression in my brain is largely affected by having grown up in a predominantly white, Evangelical, English-Speaking, American church. It's not to say that everyone has the same imagery, but nonetheless, it is where I'm coming from. I know that some of you can easily relate.

When another person asks me to sing a hymn, however, a totally different imagery comes to my mind. So why is that?

It's because the majority of people associate hymns to something older. Something sacred. Something greatly and inherently special. It has always been this way for as long as hymns have been in existence. Hymns seem to have been woven from exceptional and indisputable substance. Most of the words used is likely a bit foreign to many, but have the feel associated with something ancient, profound and urgent. They usually are direct to the point, evoking active symbolism, emotion and thus reflection.

The main purpose of a hymn is generally to connect God's characteristics and His relationship with humans. Hymns are typically being sung specifically to God and frequently to Jesus. They sing praise to Him and also exalt Him.

Hymns weren't always set to music. The fact is, up until fairly recently, hymn lyrics were isolated from the melody, and a side note was made in order to suggest which standard song melodies would work for that particular rhyme and meter.

Ideally, you now have a great summary of what exactly hymns are, and just how they can be unlike other sorts of songs. I truly hope you enjoyed reading through it as much as I enjoyed creating it.