Odyssey of Infatuation

Personal confessions are not easily made without some degree of discomfort, and this one is no exception: I am madly in love with Sarah Palin. 

Like probably every non-Alaskan resident of the United States, when Governor Sarah Palin appeared on the national political scene as the Vice Presidential running mate of Sen. John McCain, I asked, “Who is this woman?”  Seeing her a few more times, the question became “Who is this goddess?” I was immediately infatuated.

“What does she like about Juneau?”
“I dunno – next time I'm there Alaska!”
As it turned out Sarah Palin was an Alaskan resident.  Not only that, she was the governor of Alaska.  Alaska, to my way of thinking, isn’t even a real state.  Alaska shares a category with America, Jr. (you might know “America, Jr.” better by its slave name, “Canada”): it’s up there on the map, hanging around, not really bothering anybody, not in the limelight.  Alaska carries the same political clout as, say, Wyoming or Madagascar.  China has more influence over what happens in Washington, DC, than Alaska does, and China doesn’t even really like us (you know, “like” like us).  Upon learning this temptress was governor of our largest state, though, I thought, ‘Well, I guess it was her turn this week’ (I assume in Alaska a tribal totem is passed around and whoever holds it when the drumming stops gets to be governor).  Then I started paying attention to her, and the more I saw, the more I liked. 
Not a Hater
I am not a Republican – never have been, never will be.  My politics are not conservative by any definition.  More left-leaning would be proper (somewhere to the left of Genghis Khan).  But, as a “Whatever” Party member I was stymied, annoyed, and later downright confused and upset by how ill-used Ms. Palin was during the McCain campaign.  It became obvious, even to a shlub like me, she had been vetted as eye-candy to help McCain’s stodgy image. 
Good marketing is good marketing, and Governor Palin was good product. But as time went on I watched her.  She was genuinely sincere in her support of the McCain campaign.  I watched as the press smugly attacked her every speech, every statement.  Any gaffes she made (and she made her share) were blown way out of proportion in the media.  Sarah Palin enjoyed the kind of microscopic media attention to detail that only Bill Clinton could have understood and appreciated.  
She was portrayed as a vacuous bimbo in the press, culminating in a flustered Governor Palin not acquitting herself well with the press gnome, Katie Couric. This interview with Ms. Couric did not represent what I came to believe is the real Sarah Palin. Her family focused image (and her family is just as wacky as yours or mine) is not a pose – she is that person.  I especially learned over time that, although Sarah Palin may be many things, one thing she is not is an idiot. 
I think this bears repeating – Sarah Palin is not an idiot.  She is a college graduate (defraying college costs with modeling jobs).  She is highly intelligent.  She is capable of running a Sarah Palin (Miss Wasilla, AK, 1984)state government.  Her energy stance in Alaska produced much-needed revenue for that state.  She did not always ingratiate herself with the populace there, but she benefited Alaska immensely; the simple addition of Sarah Palin to the national political equation has done nothing but benefit Alaska.  Right now, Sarah Palin has to be Alaska’s most valuable commodity. 

Immediately in the wake of its publication I read Sarah Palin’s first book.  I actually read it twice.  Yes, some of what she wrote may have been slightly embittered or may have self-served to a degree.  Autobiography, in the world of literature, is known by writers and publishers alike as the least reliable source of truth about a person.  No one wants to look bad.  But the crux of what she suffered at the hands of the McCain campaign (being shunted off to the side, the snarky press, etc.) was all there; we all saw most of her mistreatment Gazing Into The Futurehappen live on television. I came away from that reading liking her even more; nay, beginning to feel the first stirrings of love. 

In 2010 during the BP oil crisis (the breach in the Gulf of Mexico) Gov. Palin was one of the talking heads whose opinion on the subject was solicited.  Her “drill, baby, drill” stance was gutsy; a completely "in-your-face" response to one of the biggest public relations debacles any oil company has weathered (after the Exxon Valdez drunk sailing incident).  However, many did not see the sense in her views on this issue.  Even our own government got into the moratorium business at this time, forbidding new offshore oil exploration for a certain period.   Environmentalists, of course, were quick to slam her for her take on the subject.   

Sarah knows of what she speaks.  Had activists listened carefully (and knew her historical stance) they would have heard that she wasn’t talking about indiscriminately raping the planet, stripping it of its resources blindly.  Her stance is of a carefully managed energy development protocol; she knows, probably better than most politicos, how long it takes to develop a natural gas or new oil-producing facility (some of which occurred on her watch in Alaska).  She simply proposed a program to seriously begin developing America’s vast untapped resources to wean ourselves from foreign oil dependency.  This country can be energy independent, well-meaning environmentalists and legislators aside.

Très Charmant
Sarah Palin is very charming.  She has a lot of heart; unfortunately, sometimes, she wears it on her sleeve, which, too often, nets her a metaphoric smack in the chops.  But, overall, Blowing A Kissshe has been relatively gracious to her critics, something most people could not do with dignity.  I subscribe to her Facebook page.  I don’t know if she writes the postings herself or has some flunky do it, but generally her postings are articulate and thoughtful, as well as being on point.  As always, I don’t agree with her on many of her postings, but she tends to posit from a position of common sense and genuine caring, even though it can sometimes come off as jingoistic or “folksy”.  I hate “folksy”, even though I loves me some Sarah Palin!
Foxy Lady
In the wake of her political machinations, Sarah was hired by the ultra neo-Nazi conservative “news” channel, Fox News, as a paid correspondent.  She was on the scene for the BP Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico as well as for other national crises. 

She had not appeared on the network since December 2012.  And, sadly, though, Fox News and my Sarah parted ways during the week ending January 25, 2013.   Fox News fired Sarah Palin! What a bunch of idiots! She had been with them for three years.  Apparently, the maverick-y Sarah was just too much for Fox News’ poker-up-the-derriere, piss-and-moan “news” casting.

True Love Rears its Lusty Head
Finally, another reason I am madly in love with Sarah Palin is because she is smokin’ hot!  C’mon, just admit it!  She is a stunner.  Her smile is radiant and exudes good cheer.  She is very pretty (she didn’t get into those beauty pageants for her stand-up comedy).  She is incredibly womanly, built like a pin-up (the voluptuous Vargas kind from the 1940s); her “sexy librarian” look, accompanied with the occasional wink and blown kiss, is just too enticing. [In 2012, when Kirstie Alley was a contestant on Dancing With The Stars (and I am a great fan of Ms. Alley), a quick flash of the audience revealed the lovely Sarah Palin in the house.  At that moment I was wishing Sarah would be on the show, vamping around on-stage every week…that would be some good TV!]

The upshot is this: Gov. Palin was handed a raw deal in her début on the national front.  It is my sincere belief that if the public at large were to take time and listen to some of what she has to sayWarming Up they would find an articulate, intelligent woman, who has some very good ideas.  Sarah Palin does not deserve to be our national punchline.  She is a person, with flaws, as we all are.  But I think she deserves more respect and better treatment than what she’s been given over the past few years.  Sarah decided not to run for the 2012 Presidency, although I had half expected her to.  Oh, well, I just lost out on some major Sarah face and body time [I did mention she’s smokin’ hot, right?]

I am not a stalker or lurker.  I have never sent Sarah Palin an e-mail, professing my undying affection or anything else for that matter.  I have not tried to phone her, nor have I ever sent her a love letter.  I have not followed her around the country hoping to get a glimpse of her.  I do, however, pay attention when she is on CNN or any other show featuring her.  Yeah, as always, I don’t agree with her on many issues, but I’m smitten, so I’m compelled to watch.   It’s because I am madly in love with Sarah Palin.


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