Sometimes a new writer comes to InfoBarrel and throws out all the established regulations. Why use Search Engine Optimization techniques to write Pulitzer Prize winning articles like "Buy Cheap Fleece Cheaply Today For Less Money", when you can instead write interesting articles that are actually fun to read. Welcome Vicdillinger,former Private Investigator.

When VicDillinger first popped up on InfoBarrel I thought he sounded like an interesting character, but I assumed he was spending to much time on the forums and not enough time writing articles. Once I clicked over and seen that he was publishing on a regular basis I thought to myself "Sweet!", however I immediately became leery when I read article titles such as:
Why I Am I Am Madly in Love With Tonya Harding
Why I Am Madly In Love With Sarah Palin

"WTF kind of articles are these" I thought, but once I read them I immediately liked his writing style. Vicdillinger's writing style, humoristic approach, and work ethic are why I am madly in Love With Vicdillinger. I am straight, but I can have a mancrush right? I have no interest in Vicdillinger the way I do about Mia Love and other pretty women, however I seriously admire this dude.

I assume he is a dude, however he is a former Private Investigator so maybe is really a hot woman who is undercover as a male writer. That would be cool because then I would try out all the best lines from the book "Pick Up Lines For Dummies" on my Kindle.

I would be hesitant to invite Vicdillinger over because he is a former private investigator (seriously), and that would put a hanker on any of the 420 activities that may be going on periodically, however I would love to have a handful of people like Vicdillinger in my town to hangout with. Can you imagine 5 guys just like Vicdillinger who write consistently and also write very amusing articles that are fun to read! That would be a great inspiration and encourage me to quit slacking on my InfoBarrel duties and to step my game up to a new level.

Every writer on here can learn something from Vicdillinger, former Private Investigator. (Seriously!)

Here are some reasons Vicdillinger is a great role model for InfoBarrel Writers:

He Writes A Lot Of Articles
At the time I am writing this Vicdillinger has 135 articles published, and they are all pretty cool. No 325 words generic rambling on his InfoBarrel portfolio.

He Writes Unique Articles
Vicdillinger writes articles using his own style. Vicdillinger does not care about the status quo, he does his own thing and does it pretty dang good.

He Does Not Write Boring and Bland Generic Content
Vicdillinger has a great writing style, even on his comments. Instead of writing "Nice Article" on his comments he will instead inject his humor style into the comments which make it very fun to read.

I am declaring publicly that I am madly in Love with Vic Dillinger...or at least I am madly in love with his writing style and work ethic.