There is a lot buzz going around these days about building passive income. Everyone from grandmothers to sixteen year olds still in high school are choosing to make money in this way. I am one of these people.


A few years ago, I heard about the idea of being able to build passive income on a freelance writing forum that I frequent. At this time, I was making money online writing for private clients. I enjoyed the idea that I could get paid almost instantly once I submitted my work to the client. With this in mind, I only half heartily started to build passive income. I wish would have known then what I do now.

Reasons to Build Passive Income

Number One


The firs thing that I learned was that for a bit of work now, you can continue to get paid on it long into the future. I wrote a brief 400 word article when I was just starting out with passive income. I published the piece and did a little bit of promotion for it and then forgot about it.


Oh how that little article kept chugging along. At first it was only making me a couple of dollars a month. I was happy to see this bit of cash flowing in. Over time those couple of dollars grew to about $40 every month into my account from those mere 400 words.


This truly amazed me as I was making less then this when I sold 400 word articles to private clients. The best part that I saw was that this one piece continued to earn for me. Over the life of this one article, it earned me a couple of thousand dollars. This one fact opened my eye to the fact that I needed to change the way that I looked at making money online.


Number Two


I have spent all of my life trading hours for dollars working outside of the house. I read the book The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris and I changed my outlook on what I was doing every day.


I realized just how much of my life that I was putting on the back burner and how much I was missing just to give x amount of hours to my employer. This made me think more about starting to seriously build passive income.


I saw the ability to ear over and over again on content and other items that I created as the freedom to get my life back. I could use the time that was freed up from building passive income to do the things that I had only dreamed about. I felt like I was completely in charge of my own life for the first time in years.


Yes, it is true that it only took me two reasons to start build passive income and take it seriously. Once I got my appetite wet on earning with revenue sharing sites like here on Infobarrel, I ventured on to blogging and my own web sites. I am even branching out into my own product creation these days as another ways to earn.


There is nothing overly special about me. I do not have a marketing degree. To be truthful, I never finished college. I am just like you! I am a person that wanted to find a way to be making money online.


If this sounds like something that you need to get started out there are many ways that you can get started on this route. Writing here on Infobarrel is a great place to start and learn what works and what does not work when it comes to passive income. Signing up is free and you can do it right now.


You can also learn more about affiliate marketing and how you can use blogging and your own web sites to earn in this way too. The choices are endless when it comes to building passive income.