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THE BEGINNING – An Unexpected Start

Strangely, I came across InfoBarrel by chance (this is the best way to put it, but I do not believe in chance!), having no intention or plan to write articles for a living. What I was looking for was implementing a great system that could bring me an increase in money flow on a monthly basis. I was expecting this by building a subscription list, then creating a product – things in order to start my Internet-based business. As I have great plans and big expectations for what is possible in terms of earnings, I did not really consider that writing online was a notable source to take into account until I came across Pat Flynn's SmartPassiveIncome site and Eric Gati's My4hrWorkWeek blog. I have no idea that it is possible to earn passive income through writing even if you are not Carrie Bradshaw from "Sex and the City". Platforms such as Squidoo, HubPages, and others were familiar to me only as great places to have backlinks and nothing more.

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Quickly after discovering through blog posts and articles the earning potential of revenue sharing websites like eHow and InfoBarrel, I came accross the InfoBarrelSuccess and a few other proven solutions that are not only prospects online, but proven methods of gaining wealth by online work. And here comes the best part of the entire equation – I love writing. I started right away in my early childhood years when my grandfather came to me with a gift of a 200 pages copybook with his strong encouragement and recommendation to keep a daily journal to write down my thoughts and some of the most important life events. Actually, he himself was a great writer even if the only book he published was a translation from a French tote. He had a dozen of preaching copybooks written by him as he was an orthodox priest, but those books were never published.

Anyways, I followed his advice and even if I have already burned many of my early journals after I reread them and found them very childish, I still have a big box with my latest writings, and writing remained constant all my life. Things came out in such a way that I arrived at a conclusion that writing for InfoBarrel can be an extremely wonderful business to start because it is something that can be a hobby for me, what I am really looking for at this particular moment is a business model. Based on the many sources and testimonials, I know that the best business model is one that integrates a business owner's hobby and passion. This is the best for the simple reason there are far more chances to grow and expand in time.


The more I evaluated things, the more reasons I have discovered to sustain this idea. Here is a list of all the pros and why I decided to really apply myself and write for InfoBarrel.

  • The truth is that English is not my primary language and one of my goals is to greatly improve my English fluency and writing. This can be a solid opportunity to achieve this.
  • As a passionate Internet surfer with a wide list of interests I have tons of ideas and topics to write on that can be better established on InfoBarrel because of its several available formats and endless subjects as opposed to a blog where I have to narrow the subject matter.
  • Having the ability to write on InfoBarrel about many subjects also gives me the opportunity to learn and TEST my articles' SEO, backlinks and other useful marketing methods which will have a greater impact on my articles being part of this PR4 site (as of writing this article).
  • As I have the intention of launching a blog it can be a kind of practice to write here and also a firm support later on. Even so - I intend to keep the businesses separate and use and promote InfoBarrel per se and not as a way for me to gain backlinks.
  • Apart from starting a blog, which is a more personal, individual thing, writing for InfoBarrel means entering and being a part of a community as well, - which is great and what I love, especially when the community is such a supportive and pleasant one. For me, it also means that I am no longer alone to keep track of my progress and objectives because as long as I made them public I become accountable and this is exactly what I plan to do (big savings from a personal coach to keep me on track -:) ).
  • I am a big fan of contests. - I recently dedicated a portion of an article to contests, emphasizing their role in overcoming procrastination. A contest is a great opportunity to keep you motivated and focused. I definitely love the contest section of InfoBarrel and I want to participate in all of them to the extent that I take them in consideration when laying out my overall business plan.
  • Transparency is another feature that I value very much at InfoBarrel. It is inspiring and offers confidence. As being one of my own values, this is a perfect match. I plan on being as transparent as possible regarding my plans, goals and earnings.
  • I like helpings others and this is a great place for doing this by either participating in the forum through comments or through comments on articles. As I read articles here at InfoBarrel, I find a lot of unanswered questions through the comments and I think that a lot of them could make great topics for new articles.
  • And yes, for the earnings, a $2000 / month passive income is something that is really worth paying attention to (this is my first goal here).

In a way, my reasons are very personal and probably entirely different from others. I did not write this article to persuade you to write for InfoBarrel, but more as a personal opinion about how things turned out for me in the last 3 months and a way to introduce myself to the community.

In conclusion, I have powerful and good reasons to contribute to the growth and success of this platform and to be an important member in the community by helping others to implicate and succeed here. What about you? You're currently in the best place possible at this moment. Write when you want! Write what you want! And best of all earn money in the process. If you're not currently signed up, please take a moment to signup so that you can also comment on this article because comments are encouraged and much appreciated.

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