Chocolate Labrador
Our Chocolate Labrador ate Chicken Soup for the Puppy Lover's Soul for roughly 10 months of his life. The breeder highly recommended it, so we decided that would be his first food. He did great on it. His coat was beautiful and he always got great comments from the vet.

Most dogs start showing allergy symptoms around one year of age and our puppy was no exception. At 11 months, we decided to switch him over to an adult dog food. Since he had done so well on Chicken Soup for the Puppy Lover's Soul, we decided to give him the adult version.

Roughly 2 weeks after switching his food, we started noticing that he was scratching a lot more and had small red spots where he had chewed on his chest and stomach. Around the same time, we also noticed that he was losing hair around his eyes. Fortunately he was soon due for his one-year checkup and we talked to our vet about it.

The vet recommended that we put him on an antihistamine for a week to troubleshoot the issue. When we put him on the antihistamine, a lot of the symptoms went away. Unfortunately, once we stopped giving it to him, the symptoms returned.

We were very fortunate to learn of a woman who had a great deal of knowledge about dog food allergies. She recommended that we try a different food for three months and make sure that during that time the dog ate nothing but dog food. We learned later that this is called a novel food trial and is frequently recommended by vets. By giving the dog a completely different type of protein and carbohydrate, it is usually possible to determine if the dog is allergic to its food.

After the first couple of weeks, we started noticing some improvement with his scratching. He seemed to be getting some relief with the red spots on his chest. After roughly 2 months, we noticed that the coat around his eyes had started to grow back. At that point, we felt like we had made the right decision by switching him to a different food.

I still think that Chicken Soup Dog Food is a good food for dogs as long as they're not allergic to any of the ingredients. It's unfortunate that my dogs have dog food allergies and are no longer able to eat this food. I am happy with the alternative we have found.