What kind of artist are you?


 Many people are moved, inspired , and influenced, in various ways by music.  Music has, and has always been one of the  most important aspects of most cultures.  It has a huge influence on todays culture, having the ability to persuade people to buy certain clothes or drink certain beverages.  We've come a long way from the traditional trash can drums and classical piano compositions.

[ Today almost anyone who has the proper software, has the possibility of composing music, without prior experience, with relative ease. ]


Music comes from the heart


As with many things of passion, music is no different, and I believe that passion comes from within the heart.  There are countless examples of modern musicians demonstrating their musical talents.  A lot of them don't even have prior experience with making any kind of music, they just were curious and wanted to experiment.  They had no idea on how they were going to complete their song or composition, but eventually, over time, they found a way.  


I  believe that this can be related to music when composing a song, because a lot of the time, the artist or musician is unable to identify or piece together the entire sequence of sounds or lyrics together in their head or on paper as a whole, at the start, because it develops over time.


They generally start off with an idea or strong feeling or emotion, and through that, they are able to generate more ideas, sounds, and words, which are later combined and formed into a whole.




It's a matter of piecing sounds together.


It's as simple as creating the pieces to a puzzle, than taking the time to put them all together.  There are a ton of musicians who are able to demonstrate their talents and understanding of sound by playing by ear.  Although it may take longer in some instances, anyone can do it if they have enough patience.




Software and equipment 


The tools of the trade have changed greatly since the boom of technology.  You can now buy a portable keyboard that can fit inside a backpack, a microphone that can fit inside of your pocket, and an entire studio installed within a laptop.  The rules of the game have changed drastically, and the years of  learning traditional instruments are coming to an end with electronic databases of every instrument imaginable. 




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