So I was once a MySpace fan and who doesn't love Facebook? I understand the reason for these sites and recognize them as a valid form of social networking. They're a great way to get in touch with people from high school or share pictures of your kids with family members that live far away, but what, tell me WHAT is the point of Twitter?

First of all I hate that the website has no personality whatsoever. What 2nd grade class formatted this website? No... I take that back, 2nd graders are far more creative than the nub who set up Twitter! My next issue is the severely limited number of characters that you are allowed for each "tweet". I guess it makes sense for people who can't put more than a few words together without sounding foolish but the average person needs more characters to describe their daily toothbrushing experience!

Then you have your hordes of people claiming to be famous so that they can amass "followers" and start rumors about celebrities. I think it's pathetic... don't you have anything else to do? Even worse than these losers are the people that are bamboozled into following them and actually believe that their favorite celebrity is answering their tweets. It's sad really...

And what is with the term "followers" anyway? What better way to make people feel like losers than to show them that no one want's to follow them? Also, why would I want to be tagged as someone's follower anyway? Just because someone is my friend doesn't mean that I want to be known as their follower, insinuating that I can't think for myself and I need the examples of others to get through the day.

Then there is the fact that most of the celebrities are tweeting EVERYTHING! Announcing break-ups and pregnanies on Twitter? Seriously? I don't know, maybe I'm alone here but the whole idea just rubs me the wrong way.

I'm totally for online social networking, I think it has brought old friends back together and opened up many opportunities for lots of people, but c'mon Twitter, really? Get a personality already!