I am one of those people. You know the ones that wait until something breaks down, and then they have to pay out astronomical amounts of money to fix it. I know the importance of maintaining my boiler so my heating system stays in perfect working condition. The one way I have learned how to service my boiler at regular times throughout the year is to use the service controls to remind me when I need to have someone come in and see if a potential problem is brewing quietly in the background.

Focus on Getting Rid of the Old

Why is it we as humans want to get rid of everything that seems old and no longer has a purpose? Many new boilers have been placed on the market with the emphasis that the older ones were doing nothing but contributing to the pollution in the air. Not everyone can afford a new boiler, especially those on a tight budget. But, they are willing to have the boilers they currently own maintained and serviced so they will be less of a hazard to the air quality. A lot of boilers can be extended past their lifetime expectancy with a little care and knowledge.

This is What I Did

I knew that going into this I was not going to have the disposable income to purchase a new boiler, so I had to work with what was in front of me. I decided to have my boiler serviced every so often. This provided me some savings in my pocket, and gave me some benefits:

  • Since I am a property owner, the law requires that I make sure my central heating system, and especially the boiler, is working correctly at all times.
  • I have to be certain that my boiler is delivering a good output every day. I can deal with this one because I really do not want to be shivering inside my home on a day when there is snow and ice on the ground. I want to be comfortable, maybe with a cup of hot chocolate on the side.

What the Law Requires

Believe me; you do not want to be on the wrong side of law, not even when it comes to your boiler. There are certain regulations that have been set in place. These rules are called Gas Regulation 36. They are part of a bigger law that is on the books. In a nutshell, the rules read something like this:

  • If you own a gas appliance, you are solely responsible in making sure that the appliance is working correctly in order to prevent injury to anyone, and the appliance must be checked every year.
  • If you are a landlord, you must make sure that all of the gas equipment within the home is in a safe location, and works properly. It should also not bring harm to anyone on your property.

There are others, but I am sure you understand just how serious the government takes this. I am thankful that I have placed the maintenance of my boiler on a schedule. This greatly reduces those cold winter breakdowns.