There is nothing worse than getting a bill from a credit card company and noticing charges that are not yours.  All of a sudden your credit score takes a big hit because you are now over your credit limit and you haven’t made a payment.   The problem is, upon reading the bill you realize that you don’t have that particular card and now you are confused.  You call the company and they inform you that they sent you out a card 4 months ago and you have failed to make any payments.  This is identity theft and it can take a terrible toll not only on your credit but on your life.

            I hate identity theft because it has the potential to ruin people’s lives.  Countless people have been locked up because a criminal used their information when they got arrested.  They get pulled over for speeding and when their license is checked they find out there is an outstanding warrant in another state, problem is they have never been there.  I hate it when a person pulls their credit and there are several debts on the report that were made when they were still teenagers.  The sad thing about this type of identity theft is that the perpetrator is usually a parent.    I hate identity theft because it can be difficult to prove your innocence and the creditors and credit reporting agencies are not very helpful.  You are left to do a lot of the leg work and hope that end the end you are exonerated.    I hate the fact that the people who steal identities are always one step ahead when it comes to technology for example the latest scam is to skim your credit or debit cards.  You aren’t even safe as the gas pump as thieves are gaining access to the panels behind the pump by prying the door open, and they are able to insert an electrical device that captures your account information when you swipe your card.   This can really be devastating when you already add in the high price of gas. 

            What I hate most about identity theft is that my daughter was a victim.  Imagine a college student barely earning enough money to get by and after pumping gas in her car, her debit card is simultaneously used in four states.  She goes to school and tries to pay for her lunch and is informed that her card has been denied.  She had just gotten paid that morning and now she doesn’t have money for lunch.   As a parent you always want to protect your children and someone is ripping them off without detection and you feel helpless.  That is something that I really hate.