Ben Silbermann is founder and CEO of Pinterest, according to
Boards’ development began in December 2009.   The site launched in December 2010.  It is a "closed beta."   A "closed beta" is a restricted group of people for a user test by invitation. The testers report any bugs that they find.  As of today, it is still invitation only.

Ben Silbermann, Founder and CEO of PinterestCredit: Wikimedia Commons, Licensed under creative commons attribution 2.0 Generic (Ccby 2.0)

Ben Silbermann, Founder and CEO of Pinterest

When I started on Pinterest, I did not have a clue about what I was doing.  I emailed my friend Lisa Irby and told her I was totally lost.  I also emailed Marie Ann St. Jean. I saw her on a site talking about Pinterest. She sent me the original invite.   She was sending someone else an invite.   Therefore, I requested an invite too.     I am very glad that she did.  Marie responded to me and said, “I just pin my own things, and every once in a while look at the home page to find other neat stuff.”  “Have fun! I thought to myself, “This is easy for you to say, but I am still lost.”  Well, eventually I figured it out.  I discovered that it was not as difficult as I thought.  In fact, it is easy.  It is similar to Face book, except you are posting pictures.  I like that your personal pictures can link back to your website or your other article writing sites.  After I thought about it, I discovered I had a few   personal pictures at my site that I could use.   That is a great feature for more exposure.  In addition,  it is a plus.

According to Mark W. Smith at Usatoday news, Detroit Free Press, he states that just like on other social networks, you build a list of people to follow on Pinterest.

Pinterest is a free site.  There is no charge.  Before I started actually pinning on Pinterest, I read about it under the Help section, Pinning 101.  This helped me a lot.  It explained about installing a Pin button.  There is also a video tutorial of how to install a pin.   I did add a pin button to my Facebook page and to my website. People who visit my website and Facebook site can get access to my Pinterest pinboards.   They can even join when they decide to do so.  I then added the Pinterest toolbar to my bookmarking browser.  I like this feature, because wherever I am at on the web, when I see an interesting picture, I can pin it for others to see.  The original picture can link back to that original site also.

I played around with Pinterest at first by repining other’s pictures.  Then I got comfortable.     I started pinning my own. That was a great feeling of accomplishment.   I have about 16 boards and 56 pins so far.   It is still growing.  Should you decide you do not want a pin, you have the options to remove it.   This is great.  Some of my boards say, Let’s Get Organized, My Favorites, My Favorite Places, My Good Fishing Days, Technology News, and much more.   I am constantly finding new and better pictures to add to my pinboards

According to Bernadette Tansey, states that Carl Christensen online sales were boost to 50% of his current business after using Pinterest.

The great thing that I like about Interest (the online pinboard) is that your pictures link back to your website. When pinning a product you can list the price of it also.  I have seen so many things at Pinterest.  People whose learning style is visual will find this site interesting.   I am a visual learner, so this site really excites me. The pictures just automatically catch my eye.   I do believe this site is addicting, but in a good way.    I will see things from other sites that compel me to pin to my board.    You may view my Pinterest site below.

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When you first go to Pinterest, you will see all sorts of pictures on the homepage. The areas might include architect, gardening, home decor, photography, travel, and much more.  You can even look up gifts to buy.  It gives you a gift range from $1-$500 plus.   Some of which you might want to repin, like, comment, or buy.  Adding a picture that is already pinned, is  repinning.  It becomes part of your collection of boards.  You can give it a title or add it to a pre-existing title that you have created.  You can pin your personal pictures.  You know how you feel when you find something that you like.   You want to share it with everyone.  This is what you can do at Pinterest.  This is what I want to do.  I want to share it with everyone.

Heather Doughtery of blogs Hitwise states that Pinterest is one of the top 10 websites within the Hitwise Social Networking & forums category. I would say that is quite impressive.   I am glad that I started with Pinterest.  I am sure Pinterest will be around for years to come.  Are you on Pinterest?[3438][3439][3440]

Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Licensed under creative commons attribution 2.0 Generic (Ccby 2.0)