I would like to share some of my experiences with you, my fellow online writers, which have made me realize just how important making money online can be for many authors.  My explanations will hopefully allow everyone to see why I think earning money with your articles is very important. 

How I Started

I started out on eHow a little over 4 years ago now.  I ultimately found eHow by using Google to search for ways to earn money online.   I struggled a bit, trying to decide if it was a scam or not.  In the end, I decided to it a try.

I struggled quite a bit.  I think I had written about 200 articles before I realized there wasn’t much happening for my effort.  I was making a little money, but certainly not enough to do much with.  I saw the potential, however, so I decided I would buy an ebook from one of the popular writers there.  It was the best $30 I’ve ever spent.  It gave me the basics of SEO that I was lacking.  Soon, I was making good money on eHow.

Why I Started

I was poor.  No other way to put it.  In fact, even after I had decided to buy the eBook, I had to wait a month because I didn’t have the $30.  Now, I don’t want to overstate the facts; I had a roof over my head and at this point in my life, I could pay my bills off most months.  A few years prior, that certainly wouldn’t have been the case, but at this point in my life, it was.

The money issues caused many marital problems, which I think is quite common.  I had hoped at one point, at least to some extent, making a little more would improve that part of my life.  While that ultimately wasn’t the case, it was still a really good venture I took up and it did allow us all to have som really good times.

What Differences it Made

The main reason I try to help people out and encourage them to try to make some money with articles, is the differences it made in my life.  To this day, I am able to do many things, like taking family vacations, which I could have never done if I hadn’t found AdSense and online content purchasing.

I was never able to do much other than camping for a weekend with the kids.  Don’t get me wrong, we had a lot of fun doing it and we still go camping, but it wasn’t really a family vacation that I had envisioned.  These days, I can take the kids to Wisconsin Dells, our favorite spot, multiple times each year.  We bought a camper for little mini trips camping or to the Dells and other campgrounds as well.

My favorite purchase funded with online content money has to be the four wheelers.  These days, I cannot bring myself to sell them.  Right now, there are seven four wheelers in my garage.  None of them are the newest, latest and greatest rides, but they are all nice running machines that we take out on the trails.  A boat, home remodeling projects, and many other odds and ends have been funded with my online income.

Some Things Never Change

Prior to my divorce, the money I made was pretty much set aside for the fun stuff listed earlier.  I didn’t really bank on the earnings, knowing the plug could get pulled at any point in time.  We still struggled from time to time, but it was different.  There is a definite difference between not going to the dentist for 13 years when you cannot afford to send yourself there, only the kids, and not being able to buy a new four wheeler or take a mini vacation on a whim.  While there were still the occasional money struggles that stayed the same, it was different.


If I didn’t have my online income, I’m not so sure I would be able to live very well at all.  I certainly wouldn’t be able to help continue to support my children properly and wouldn’t be able to take off for the weekend with them out of town.  I pay a heaping helping of child support, but I am more than happy to do so.  I can make my bills, pay child support, see the kids whenever I want and do lots of fun things with them.  Life has been and continues to be pretty good for me, due at least in part, to my online income.

Is Your Time Valuable?

I have never, ever understood how people can think it a big moral shortcoming to want to earn money with online articles.  I don’t get it.  If I wrote for a newspaper, should I do it for free?  Many people view this as a viable alternative to working retail for a second job.  Now, I want to make clear that I don’t hold anything against anyone that writes for the fun of it.  This is nothing more than a personal choice on both sides of the fence.  If your time is valuable and you are trying to make money this way, apologize to nobody for it.

 Be Careful With Online Income

I will never preach to anyone about what to do with their money.  I would, however, like to make some suggestions.  They are based on personal experience and lots of horror stories found online and relayed to me by friends.

First up, my suggestion is to do whatever you can avoid relying on the income you make each month.  I only do this because many people count on the funds each month to pay off their bills, which isn’t at all unreasonable, but at least on occasion, some of these people don’t get their money from holds placed on accounts, or get banned.  If that happens, the big G isn’t going to make exceptions for you to pay your bills.  If you are starting out and not ready to plunge into this fulltime, I would try to view it as extra money and not a part of your income.

I would also like to suggest you invest the earnings in some form or another.  The way you invest is up to you.  You might invest the money into other money-making ventures, including purchasing articles, starting up websites, or just about anything else.  You could also invest the money the way I chose to, by doing things for yourself and family that you wouldn’t have been able to do before.  Enjoy it while you have it!

I am in a position right now of having to rely on my InfoBarrel online income, but you can rest assured I am working to change that.  I want to have plenty of different options for making money online, just in case the worst happens.  What if what just happened to Seekyt would have happened to IB?