Frozen Meals - Why I Love Them

And Why I'll Never Turn Back

I am a foodie.  I love going out to eat at restaurants and cafes.  There is nothing that makes my culinary heart sing louder, than to order some starters, a few entrees, a main and a delicious dessert - all the while drinking wines and beers and sodas galore.

However, when I'm at home, I love having a stockpile of frozen meals in my freezer.  Why?

They are quick and convenient to cook

4 minutes on high, wait for two minutes, and devour - those are the instructions for one of my favourite brands, Weight Watchers.  Another brand tells me to peel back the plastic first, then put in the microwave, then stir it, then cook it a bit more, then wait for two minutes, and THEN devour.  Another brand tells me to puncture the plastic lid twice with a fork, then cook, then wait two minutes, then gobble it all down.

Especially if you use a microwave rather than put it in the oven, you have a delicious meal in less than five minutes!  I love the fact that I go from being hungry, to satisfying my hunger cravings with a healthy meal in less than five minutes.  

They are healthy

If you choose the dietary brands, like I do, these meals are healthy and I know exactly what is in them.  I like to keep a good record of what I'm eating, and so the nutritional value table tells me exactly how many kilojoules (and/or calories) are in the product.  Usually the meals have a selecction of vegetables, like peas, carrots, capsicum, beans, cauliflower and broccoli, as well as a good amount of protein (if you are a carnivorous meat-eater like myself).  Veal, beef, chicken, lamb, pork - there are so many options.  They are also healthy because the meals are usually very small (but if you are trying to be healthy, that is a good thing - reducing your energy intake makes up more than 80% of what you look like, rather than the amount of exercise).

Frozen mealsCredit: Supplied

They taste great

The Thai Green Curry by Weight Watchers is honestly delicious, and has nice, generous chunks of chicken in it.  The chicken schnitzel is fantastic and also has a good variety of steamed veggies with it.  The satay chicken noodles are yum, the chicken hotpot (with its creamy mashed potato) is second to none, and the pumpkin and mushroom risotto is awesome!  I can see why some people don't like frozen vegetables, as I have bought packets of frozen veggies before and steamed them in the microwave or cooked them on the stove and ... they always tended to be more soggy than not.  But the steamed veggies and meats inside the frozen meals I buy are honestly close to restaurant-quality.

They are cheap

Sometimes they are priced between AUD $5-7/meal, but every couple of weeks the supermarket usually puts them on special for $4.  When they do so, I load up and buy about 20 at once!  Think about the amount of money it would cost you to buy some carrots, some potatoes, some other vegetables, a small piece of steak or chicken, some oil to cook it, some salt, pepper, herbs ... not to mention the extra time involved!  From my perspective, frozen meals give me more time, save me money and deliver on my hunger cravings.

There's no washing up!

I love the fact that all I need to wash is a knife and fork.  I could actually buy cheap plastic cutlery and I wouldn't even have to wash anything!  At the very least, cooking the meal and eating it in the same container is a great bonus to people, like me, who absolutely detest having to scrub down pots and pans.

Frozen meals aren't for everyone, but I would highly recommend anybody giving it a go.  You may find that you really love them and value the money and time they save you.  Plus, if you find a quality brand that really pleases your palate, usually all of their meals are consistently tasty, so you can have guaranteed, yummy dinners, breakfasts or lunches whenever you want.

Like I said at the start, I still love going out to restaurants and having freshly cooked pastas and delicately crafted desserts - there is no substitute to the restaurant experience.  But when I'm at home, I'd cook a frozen meal over cooking a meal from scratch, every time.

I could write for days about the benefits of frozen meals, and I'd write more now ... but I actually want to go and eat a frozen meal!  Cheers!  Omnomnomnom.