Create Better Blog Topics With Hubspot's Blog-Topic-Generator Tool

Look, we all know writing in-and-of-itself is difficult enough.  You may spend hours struggling to find a good topic and even more time to find a creative way to talk about it that will make it all memorable for the reader.

For the serious writer, it can take years to find a voice that is strong enough and original enough that you feel comfortable with.  

And if the process of writing isn't difficult enough, finding something to write about is just as hard. 

When I first heard about Hubspost's blog-topic-generator tool, I wasn't too sure what it was, how it worked or the best way to use it.  Truthfully I don't even remember where I first heard about it.  Regardless, I found the tool, bookmarked it and have slowly played with it over time. 

And let me tell you, it's awesome! 

On the site, it asks for 3 nouns to generate ideas from, you enter them and  it will generate a list of 5 different options for you to use.  Don't like what you find?  It also allows you to try again and create a new list of ideas and topics.  

Let me tell you, this is great.  When I get stuck for ideas, whether I have keyword research done or just looking for general ideas, this tool helps spark ideas and things to talk about I may have overlooked.  

As I've begun to use Hubspot's blog-topic-generator tool to help me organize thoughts or ideas, I've noticed more and more ideas for content and it's becoming more a matter of time to write them all than it is about finding a topic. I plan on using ideas from this tool on my blog to help create compelling, interesting content that will, hopefully, improve my site's relevance and increase traffic.  

If you're like me and struggle with coming up with new, fresh ideas, you should try this tool. I've had a great time bouncing different ideas into it and seeing what it spits out for me to try. 

For the record, no ideas for this article came from the tool but while I was playing with it, though I realized a review of the software might be a good idea to talk about.  

What do you think?