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People either love or hate Kim Kardashian. Even if they swear they don’t know who she is, magically they have an opinion about her. She is absolutely everywhere and everything she does, no matter how unimportant, gets noticed. What’s not to love about that? If Kim starts dating someone, people talk about it.

When she got married, people talked about it. When she got divorced, people talked about it. When she does good things everyone goes “Oooooooohhhhhh!!!!” When she does bad things we go “Ahhhhhhhh!” and when she is just being boring we tune in and watch her for hours just knowing that she will eventually do something that will make us have a response.  Not only have Kim managed to become famous for being herself, she has brought along the entire Kardashian family and made them famous as well; now that's amazing!  If for no other reason, you have to love her for that.

Kim Reminds Us

I love Kim Kardashian because when I feel absolutely ground down by my life, I can look at her and have this immediate reaction and feel like I just got a jolt of energy. Face it, she has everything. She is the Barbie doll we all wanted to grow up to be. I love it when I see her having problems with something so normal and everyday it makes you wonder what planet she is on.

I love it when she is doing something that is so “celebrity” that I know for sure she is on a different planet – Kim is like a doll for adults except she moves on her own. But the surprising thing is that at some point, she reveals herself to be just as human as you or me. And that is the secret to her appeal. Kim reminds us that everyone, no matter who they are and what is going on in their lives; they are all basically the same.

The Secret – Part 1

There is a little secret that lies beneath everyone’s claims that Kim Kardashian is just a shallow, money hungry, fame grubbing, no talent fool. She actually is many of those things, but there is a secret in two parts that is why so many people love her (even if they say they hate her). First of all, shallow people don’t excite opinions.  

We just don’t notice them. What makes Kim so captivating is she is all the things that we wish we could be at certain moments in our lives. We can be living saints, infinitely charitable and making sacrifices all the time but every so often there is a part of us that just wishes we had all that money and no idea what to do with it.

We would love to be noticed walking through an airport; everyone wants to be seen. No matter what we aspire to be or the kind of person we work toward becoming; there is a very human part of us that just wants to be noticed, wants to have it easy and wants not to worry.

The Secret – Part 2

The other half of the secret to why so many people love Kim Kardashian is that while she may represent all our secret desires for an easier life – she reveals these small glimpses of herself as someone who cannot avoid being everything that is good about a person. She reveals herself to be good, thoughtful, compassionate and kind in a surprising and totally real and honest way.

For better or worse, Kim Kardashian is not afraid to be herself.  I love her because no matter what, she is doing things on her own terms and not behind closed doors.  She does her life well or awful and we all pay attention.  What's not to love about that?