Who wants a chair bed? I do, I do! Actually I've already got one, and owned a few. Seriously though these things just rock, especially for someone like me that lives in a small studio apartment in New York. Not to say you can have them anywhere. So yeah - I'm a pro at owning one of these puppies, and I love it. I'm sure you're familiar with the sofa bed, or hide-a-bed. You've guessed it, the chair bed is just a smaller, chair version of this.

These things are so amazing for both comfort when sitting, and great comfort when sleeping. As long as you buy a decent-quality chair bed, you're guests are going to be pretty happy to stay over. No longer do you have to force your friends or family to sleep on the floor of your small apartment living room, or the floor of your room. And the best thing about it is that you can't even tell it's a bed when you're sitting in it. It's like a camouflaged bed! And since they take up hardly any more space when folding out, they can slip right by your coffee table. Surprisingly enough, chair beds really are large and wide enough to sleep on. I've even done so myself when my parents came to stay, and I gave up my bed. I almost didn't want to go back to my bed. Depending on the style, whether a standard or futon style, you don't even need to remove any cushions. These just slide back in sleeping position. All you need to do is throw over a small set of sheets and add a blanket, or maybe a small comforter.

Are there any cons to having one? Well sure, you can only fit one person on it vs. a sofa bed where you just might be able to fit two people. But still if space needs to be conserved, these are the way to go. As far as moving in and out, however, these chairs are a breeze to move in and out. And if you've got strange or difficult corners to move around in your stairwell, you can extend it a bit to get around them. Very useful in a five flight walk-up with narrow stairwells. Of course they'll be lighter too, so that makes things easier to move. If for some reason something gets out of alignment or breaks, a chair bed is easy to repair. The manual will come with it, so make sure to read it before doing so, but when things get loose or out of alignment, I've been able to fix my chair bed pretty easily.

I will say though that with some models if I had to sleep on it for a week straight, I would be longing for my bed. So do try to purchase the most comfortable one that you can, whether standard or futon. The old saying goes "you get what you pay for" so do it right if you can. And if you can't - it's still better than having someone sleeping on the floor. Unless you like the hard floor - I personally don't. So go for the chair bed if you have a smaller space, but want something decently comfortable to sleep on and lounge on.