Sitting outside on a warm Summer day, sipping on a nice cold Mike's Hard Lemonade and smelling the charcoal from the hot grill takes my stress away. It's unfortunate this isn't easily done during the winter months. It's even more unfortunate that it's too cold out to really enjoy grilling food outdoors even if the sun is out and there's no snow on the ground.

Outdoor grilling has always been part of my family's tradition. I can't recall a single summer that didn't involve somebody serving fresh grilled beef patties or hot dogs. It really does bring back great memories.

outdoor grilling

There Is No Other Taste Like It

Even with the indoor grills becoming more popular, the taste of fresh charcoal can't be beat. It's such a powerful cooking process that the foods being grilled are infused by the smoke and fills the meat with flavor inside and out.

It provides those eating to enjoy a much more bold, rich flavor that will probably make you want to eat more than you're used to, but it really is worth it because depending on where you live, you may not come by fresh grilled food often that's been served in someone's backyard.

Be cautious when eating grilled foods, you just might become addicted and find yourself outside in an apron with a week's worth of meat, preparing the grill and smiling even though there's no one else around.

grilled steak

It Doesn't Cost Much

If you go to a fancy restaurant to order a grilled salmon dish, you can pretty much guess you'd better have over fifty dollars to spare; and that's only for one meal!

You'll be able to buy the charcoal for your grill and a week's worth of hamburger patties for less than the $50 you spent at that fancy restaurant. That's factoring in the cost of the lighter fluid as well. The price will increase if you're planning on grilling a variety of meats in bulk, but it's still a great deal!

It feels good knowing you're able to provide yourself and your family with tasty meals on a regular basis without worrying you're not going to have enough money to pay the bills next month.

save money

Almost Everyone Likes Grilled Food

Even people who are looking to watch their weight are usually open to enjoying a nice grilled burger. The great thing is, it doesn't have to be a beef patti and they can choose to grill a turkey burger if they prefer.

If you're having a party you don't have to freak out when you're getting ready to make a shopping list because any meat can be grilled whether it's chicken, beef, pork or even fish. That means there will be something for even the pickiest eaters at your social event and you didn't even have to worry about paying a catering company.

outdoor grill party

It's Fast

You're not going to have to wait for hours to eat. One of the things that many people complain about when they're at a get together is the time it takes to prepare the food. This is common when the person hosting the party is cooking inside. It probably has to do with the food not being exposed to a direct flame when being cooked in a skillet inside the home.

When you find you don't have enough hot dogs or hamburgers cooked for the guests, it's much easier to tell someone to wait just 15 or 20 minutes than to inform them they'll have to wait for another 2 hours before they'll be able to ease their grumbling stomach.


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