Social Networking is one of the systems most taken advantage of by internet marketers. Many Internet Marketers merely use the social bookmarking sites via automated tools like Social Marker and Bookmarking Demon. The use the sites as the bottom of the link pyramid to build a little bit of juice to their site and all their support links plus to get their site indexed.

There is an alternative view and that is to actually participate(a little) on the social book marking sites. By making comments on the various stories you build internal links to your profile which Digg for instance allows you to use for back-links. There is little incentive for an internet marketer to Digg other people's stories or to vote up other people's links unless you're trying to make friends to Digg stories for you.

She Told Me is a great alternative to Digg. She Told Me is a do-follow social bookmarking site with adsense sharing(you get 100% of the views for one adsense block) with a little multi-level marketing thrown in. Best Reviewer is She Told Me's sister site and has a lot of features that should've been included in She Told Me like like the ability to build internal links with comments and having your referral link on all your stories.

The great thing about the profit sharing is that it actually encourages you to submit good tops or scoops from other people's sites. If you create a popular page, you'll get a lot of adsense views and you'll be raking in some spare cash. Plus, every top has either your referral link, homepage link, or link to your profile page based on which of the sites you submitted your top or scoop too. The good thing is that also She Told Me and Best Reviewer are not available on Social Marker meaning that you have more people actually visiting the sites rather than automated programs.

Best Reviewer is in particular an extremely efficient way to get backlinks as you can create a top 20 very quickly and obtain 20 do-follow deep links to your site and/or properties.

There are bad elements for profit sharing as well meaning that more internet marketers visit the site and more internet marketing friendly stories are published. This discourages non-internet marketers from visiting the site meaning you're not likely to get targeted traffic unless your site targets Internet Marketers(which is why everybody should have an SEO blog just to capture some IM traffic).

The other missing ingredient is that there is no incentive to vote for other people's stories. You might click on other people's links to get some niche ideas or to see if they have a do-follow blog but why would you vote up somebody else's story unless they voted yours up in return?

Let's hope that nobody comes up with an automated way to submit to those sites and they find an incentive for people to participate and vote up and down scoops. At the time of this writing Digg has a story with 442 votes whereas She Told me has a top story of 12.

If you're an Internet Marketer and are looking for do follow sites with a way to make some extra pocket change and deep links then She Told Me and Best Reviewer are your answer.